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March 14, 2018

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March Monroe Jamison has moved to Indianapolis - Phoenix Glasgow - Daisy Lewis Montreal - Avenger Max Ireland & England - Bella Official Ottawa

February Ursa New York City - Amazone Paris - Lora Montreal - Charisma Queen Indianapolis - Carlabiceps Montreal - Mikayla Miles Denver

January Combat Swallow London - Sheena Budapest - Cinthia Mulhearo moved to London - Sherry Stunns Moved to Tampa - Izabella Mendes Budapest - Maya the Mystical San Diego - Carmin Sixpack available again in Las Vegas - Carmen Crush Houston - Miss Andree New York City - Mily Barcelona Barcelona - Thora Nang available again in Philadelphia - Zoe available again in Pittsburgh - Birbietta Furbettina Bari - Lotus Hartford - Jessy Jamessy Guadeloupe, French West Indies - Anji Southern California - La Mantide Budapest - 6' 5 Amazon Holly New York City - Syren Delicious Las Vegas - Celeste Dallas - Amazon Saharra Huxley moved to Washington, DC

December Raven Day Ft. Smith, AR - Rage Czech Republic - Lady Scarlet Milan -Lexy Leggs available again in Providence, RI - Megan Jones moved to Knoxville, TN -Vetta Ollons Rostov-on-Don -   Miss Kimberly moved to Nashville -  Zarah Muscle near Frankfurt - Jade of London London

November Wrestleher Atlanta - Lacey Legs St. Petersburg - Eliza Divine Atlanta - Ice Queen Glasgow - Mistress Godiva White Plains, NY - Maria Queen availble again in Pittsburgh

October Lana Lux New York City - Coco Chan New York City - Brooklyn St. James Las Vegas - 6' 6" Skye is back in Austin - Melixa Kooper Riccione, Italy - JuliaNova Los Angeles - Khy Oklahoma City - Amazing Ashley Denver & Oklahoma City - Amrita Moscow

September Minx now has a place to wrestle in Melbourne - Kayla Woods Chicago area - Vaso the Huge Athens - Maria Queen returned to Pittsburgh - Ashley Wildcat moved to Stuart, FL - Musclemayhem Vancouver

August Sapphire Desire Atlanta - Danii Pittsburgh - Goddess Anat Los Angeles - Jackson moved to Austin - Lory Bryan El Paso - Susan Lewis Gilbert, AZ - Wonder Jada available again in Las Vegas - Ilarija Brooklyn/Europe - Hanna Perez USA - Ashley Darling Western New York & Ontario - Jessica Dallas - Brianna Kelly San Diego - Xiyah Vance Dallas - Minx Sydney - Miss Elena moved to Rome - Kim Chi moved to Washington, DC

Jackson moved to San Francisco - Jade Los Angeles - Briella Jaden Tampa & Boston - Andie Perez moved to Portland, OR - Nika Wrestler Moscow - Velvet Lane New York City - Miesha Prague - Holly Mei Las Vegas - Gretchen New York City - WrestleQueen85 Syracuse, NY - Savannah Fox Las Vegas - Gia Love Tampa, Orlando, Miami & Atlanta - Heidi Max Ireland - Hazel Montreal - Miss Elena has moved to Ancona

June - Giantess Natasha Roman and Giantess Denise Kowacic Sao Paulo, Brazil - Viper Max Ireland - Lexi Max Ireland and England - Red Diamond moved to Toronto -A-Low Cat Montreal - Domina Atlanta - Roxanne Culver City/LAX - Star13 Southern California/ Los Angeles - Eva Manchester - Mistress Olga Chicago

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