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WB270 Female WrestlerContact List:

Women who Wrestle Men

May 3, 2018

Introductory Material

WB270 provides contact information for women who wrestle men (or sometimes other women).  The women listed here are athletes who offer mixed wrestling, boxing, martial arts, overpowering or physical domination and strength challenges or demonstrations, such as lift and carry for a fee.  It is not an escort or dating site - do not expect to find girlfriends or women offering sex here.  Although wb270.com does list some women who work through agencies (usually places that provide suitable wrestling mats and facilities) most of the women work independently; contact them directly to arrange matches and discuss fees.  Wb270.com does not book or arrange wrestling sessions for any wrestler, it simply provides contact information and descriptions of the women and what they offer.  There is no charge to either the men or to the women listed.  No representation is made that all of the information posted here has been confirmed or verified.

WB270 is hosted by Diana the Valkyrie.  There is also a mirror for this site at: https://wb270.dianathevalkyrie.com  The information at https://wb270.com may be slightly fresher, however the mirror will be updated periodically to reflect changes on this site.  If this site is down, or access is slow here, try the mirror.  If it's important to you to always be able to reach this site, bookmark the mirror address as well.

Please send all messages to wb270@yahoo.com 

I welcome, out of personal interest,  comments from readers about any of the girls they have met, and reviews of wrestling sessions in particular (as opposed to muscle worship, posing, domination, beat down and similar types of sessions) - (go here for more information on submitting reviews - but I now receive so many reviews, and have so little time to maintain the list that I can't promise to use all of the reviews I get, nor to add them promptly.  I do travel, and new additions  to the list ahead of  most reviews.  I generally don't post complaints and negative reviews.

General Information

For more information about the list and how and why it was created go here.


Any part of this list to which I hold original copyrights may be copied and reproduced, without further permission. I assume that those who submit reports to be included in this list are granting permission for me to include their original material in this list. Please do not send me material which infringes the copyrights of others. 

DISCLAIMER: I make no representation about the accuracy of this list. It is not possible to verify the accuracy of all the information I receive via E-mail. I do not knowingly include false information, but may include disputed statements. Use the contacts at your own risk. Remember that phone numbers and addresses change. Use appropriate caution and discretion when contacting these women or sending them money. Remember, comments here are primarily from advertisements or inputs from others; I have no way to verify them and I don't personally know many of my correspondents.


There is risk of injury inherent in wrestling and some risk in contacting and meeting strangers. Remember also that the women on this list are people, who deserve courtesy and consideration, and who may have to deal with some rather unpleasant customers at times.

Many of the women purport to have martial arts backgrounds.  I am not able to evaluate the actual martial arts skill levels they may have.  You must do that for yourself, after you contact them.

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