FAQ - Questions I often get from women

  20 July 2008

What do I have to do to get on the wb270 list?

Go here. Send e-mail to wb270@yahoo.com.

How do I send wb270 things?

Generally by e-mail: wb270@yahoo.com. Always include a descriptive subject in your e-mail, don't leave it blank and don't make it "Hi". Use a title like "Suzy Strong travel plans" or "Please list Suzy Strong" or "Suzy Strong update." I get a lot of mail, much of it SPAM and a lot produced by viruses. I go through and delete a lot unread. Give me an obvious reason in your subject line why I should open your e-mail. Don't assume that I will recognize who you are from you e-mail address - I may, but I get a lot of e-mail.

Please don't send me your travel itineraries as separate attachments, put the itinerary in the body of your e-mail. Word file can carry viruses. Do send me photos as .jpg attachments.

How long does it take to add a profile for a new wretler?

That's highly variable.  This website is a one-man show, and sometimes I'm busy, and sometimes I'm not.  If I'm not busy, you send me all the information I need, and I don't have any problems figuring it out, and if you interest me I sometimes get new listngs up in a few hours.  On the other hand, if I'm busy, I'm on the road traveling or whatever, or if you don't send me all the information I need, or if there is a problem with what you send me and I need to ask you questions, then it can wind up taking weeks.  I generally give posting travel for women already on the list ahead of adding new women.  And it's undoubtedly true that if you don't interest me very much, I won't be out to impress you with how fast and effieicnt I am.  It's not fair, I suppose, but very beautiful, very smart, very interesting, very athletic or very skilled women, who send me interesting material, get added faster.      

Why are my messages to wb270@yahoo.com rejected?

I get a lot of SPAM. For a while my Yahoo maibox would occasionally fill up, and then messages would be rejected. But now that Yahoo gives me 2 Gbytes of storage, that shouldn't be a problem.

Why don't you answer my e-mail messages?

There are at least 4 reasons I may not answer an e-mail message:

  1. I never received it - e-mail is not an entirely reliable medium, and you may not have sent the e-mail to the right place.
  2. Your message may be mistaken for SPAM. I get a huge amount of SPAM, and traffic generated by viruses and worms. My ISP (Yahoo) automatically filters a lot of this, then my e-mail client filter my messages, and I only look at the ones that get past Yahoo and my e-mail client. And I don't look closely at every one of those, because even after all this filtering many are still SPAM. If you don't put a good topical subject on the e-mail message, but just leave it blank, or say something like "Hi" I might just discard it as SPAM or worse, without ever even opening it. I surely will delete the message unopened if the subject says anything about printer supplies, mortgages, penis enlargement, or just "URGENT!" Use a sender name that identifies who you are, and state a subject like "Suzy Strong travel schedule?" that gives me a reason to open the message.
  3. I don't want to bother. I don't answer a lot of requests for link exchanges, particularly if I don't like the site, if I think it's just a porn site. If you're asking a stupid question you could get an answer to by spending a while looking at the site, why am I wasting my time replying? Most of these questions I don't answer are from men, who want to know something like who the blonde women are in Los Angeles who will lift them over their head and then have sex with them, or something equally stupid and pointless.
  4. Sometimes I get confused or forget. I get a lot of mail, and sometimes a mean to look something up or find something, or I want to think about something, and then I forget about it. I'm not the most organized person, I'm afraid.

Will you post my pictures?

Part of my deal with Diana the Valkyrie is that I won't have large galleries that compete with hers. And my site is not a picture site, there are plenty of those, it's an information site. So I try to limit each woman to no more than two or three pics on my site, and most have no picture. If you have a website, a link from my profile to your homepage should take care of the pics. But if a woman doesn't have a website I'll post a few pics for her. If I have a half dozen, that indicates either that I think the woman is a really attractive woman, or she pestered me a lot, or prehaps she caught me at a weak moment. 

Whatever you do, don't send me a picture of some other woman to post as your picture! I almost guarantee you that you will be detected, probably very soon. I will get angry messages about it, that will make me angry, and I will kick you off the list. Several women have done this, and they were detected in days. Some men who apparently have no life seem to do almost nothing but look at pictures of muscular women on the web and they will recognize what you thought were the totally obscure pictures of some woman you thought looked enough like you to be OK. They will tell me who the person really is and even where and when the picture was taken. I will kick you off the list and you will then give me some sob story about a stalker, or how you live in a small town and it would ruin your high standing in the community if anybody actually saw a picture of you and learned you do sessions. All that may be true, but I don't care. It's not honest to use somebody else's picture as your own, and I'm basically not sympathetic. You don't have to post a picture, but if you do it really has to be you.

What kind of pictures will help my business?

It's worth your while to get two or three good pictures that show you off to best advantage. The better you look the more true that is. Guys who use my site want to see muscle. When I first started doing sessions long ago, I rarely saw a picture of a woman before I met her. Now we're used to the web and to seeing pictures before we commit to plunk out money for a session. Many guys want to see some cleavage, others are leg men. If you've got serious biceps, you need to show it. And a pretty face helps a lot. Not more than one contest shot is best.

Why won't you update my pictures?

I get annoyed at women who want me to constantly keep changing or adding to their pictures. Changing pictures comes very low in my list of priorities.  My site is not a picture site.  It's useful to have a couple of pictures on a woman's wb270 profile, enough to give a prospective client an idea what a she looks like, but I'm not trying to have a site where men come just to look at pictures; there are hundreds, maybe thousands of those of sites devoted to pictures of muscular, athletic women, FBBs, and Fitness competitors. In addition to the Valkyrie site which probably offers millions of such photos to it's members, there are many other pay sites, many free sites (the best of these is probably the Andy's Muscle Goddess site, which I refer to often) and the personal websites, groups and social networking sites of women provide many more sites where pictures of female muscle can be viewed.  A driver's license picture is usually good for at lest 5 years, I believe that a passport photo works for 10 years nowadays.  There is a fair amount of work required to post pictures, and many I get are actually not very good. 

A good picture or two is very important, although the camera just doesn't like some women, and it loves others.  Women claim that their looks keep changing: usually the new pictures look about like the old pictures, and often they are not an improvement.  If you've lost or gained more than 25 lbs, then maybe new pictures are warranted.  If you've just died your hair, or changed your hairstyle, who cares?  I suspect that it is marginally useful to good looking women to change their pictures frequently, just to give guys a reason to think about them, but I have so much to do, and so little interest in the boring business of updating pictures that I'm not going to bother changing them unless the new pictures seem to be a huge improvement over the old.  I've just got better, more important things to do with my time. 

How do men contact sesion wrestlers?

First of all, if you are on my list, or want to be on my list, get reliable e-mail service and get a cell phone if you travel. This is the 21st century. When I started the list in the early 90s, relatively few women were on-line, but my list is an on-line web service, and today more and more women are on-line. The men who use the list are largely going to want to e-mail you. It's more convenient for you generally to deal with e-mail than with phone calls. If you travel much, get a notebook computer and a nationwide dial-up Internet Service Provider, e.g., AT&T, Earthlink or AOL. Don't fight 'em, join 'em. Anybody smart enough to be successful doing sessions can learn to manage e-mail, and you only have to do 3 or 4 additional sessions as a result (which you will) to pay for the computer. Then back up your files, a simple $50 flash memory card will do. But don't loose all your e-mail addresses and schedule if your hard drive crashes.

Then answer your damn e-mail. Do it regularly and promptly. Maybe ¾ or even 90% of the responses you get will be SPAM or from curiosity seekers, but anybody with a serious inquiry deserves a serious response, even if it's only, "I don't do that" or "I'm not interested." You're dealing with men's fantasies; in many cases, you may be totally repulsed by those fantasies, and you can be blunt about how you feel if you want, but give them a response.

I get pissed when a woman asks me to list her, then I get a bunch of e-mails from guys who e-mailed her and got no response from her. So I take her off the list, after about the third or forth complaint that she is not responding. Then I usually get another request from her to put her back, often with some kind of sob story: "My dog was run over by a cement mixer, my mother has cancer, I dislocated my hip, and I've had a heart-lung replacement, but now I'm back."

You may also want to post a phone number. Not every potential client is on-line (but how did they read my list if they aren't?), and some people will want to talk to you before they book a session. But you're very new to this busisness if you don't understand that plenty of men will call you up just to talk, and talk, and talk, but will never book a session.

If you travel a lot to do sessions, then get a cell phone with a nationwide plan, and have me post the cell phone number when you travel. You'll draw less attention to yourself if the hotel operator doesn't have to deal with 200 calls for you the day you arrive.

Try and use a phone number or e-mail address just for your session business, don't use phone numbers or e-mail addresses that you use for other things for sessions, without giving it some thought. Be particularly careful about using business e-mail or phone numbers, if you have a 9-5 job. Remember, once I post your e-mail or phone number any curious guy can (and some will) put it into Google and see what pops up. That could be your home address, your real name, the name or address of your business or where you work, all things you might not want anybody who visits my site to be able to find out. Before you do send me a phone number or e-mail address that you use for other things, at least Google it yourself, and be sure you're happy with what people can learn from it.

What do women do in a session?

I sometimes get this sort of question from women just starting out. It's scary in a way that I am breaking women into a business I've never practiced myself. Women on my list do wrestling of various sorts (competitive, semi-competitive, fantasy, pro-style, domination…), boxing of various sorts, martial arts, posing, muscle worship, role play (usually involving a strong woman), domination, spanking, arm wrestling, lift and carry….

Be realistic about what you claim to do. If you say that you do competitive mixed matches, you: (1) should be able to at least hold your own with an average adult man (if not a trained man), (2) be prepared to get your but kicked sometimes, and (3) make a real effort while you are getting your but kicked. There are perhaps millions of men who can take just about any woman, although the women who are really good, who wipe floor with most men, already know this because they train with men who can kick their buts. If you do competitive matches, expect to get some bumps and bruises, and maybe hurt once in a while. On the other hand, even "competitive" mixed matches are rarely if ever as intense as serious competitive tournament matches between skilled women, so, if you do those, don't be afraid to do competitive matches with men under reasonable circumstances.

Other than that it's your choice. If you want to do topless, do it, if not: don't. There are injury risks to doing L&C or arm wrestling, as well as more competitive wrestling. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Be up front with clients about what you will or won't do. If you have the knack for role play or domination and are also really strong or a good wrestler the two make a good combination.

I won't advertise overt sex (no "full service"), "strap-on" services, or sleeper holds on my site.That's not to say that you can't do them, just that I won't advertise them on your profile. Don't bother complaining to me that one of your competitors is just a whore - that may be, but I can't police that, I just don't want to advertise that on my site.

What should I charge?

That's up to you. The nominal "going" price in much of the US is $300 - $350 an hour, but some places it is less. I would suggest starting out somewhat less. I don't advertise prices, and I won't get involved in crusades about sessions being too expensive. Sessions are a luxury not a necessity. What you charge is a business decision. See this.

Do I need an agency?

That's up to you. Almost any reasonably intelligent woman who has the physical skills to do wrestling sessions can use my list and do OK without an agent. If you have an agent, you don't necessarily have to book exclusively through the agent.

An agent has advantages and disadvantages. Finding a place to do sessions can be a problem in New York, or San Francisco, and an agency may solve that. You may be able to let the agent deal with a lot of hassle and calls, and just show up when you're supposed to, which can be a big plus. In a few cases you can get some training. On the other hand the agent takes a cut and, frankly, some agents are real sleazebags. Agents won't necessarily work real hard to promote you in particular. But some agents are also good people who help their women a lot.

To make it very clear, I am not an agent. I don't book matches for anybody. I don't provide anywhere to wrestle or do sessions. I don't get any cut. All I do is list women and their contact information. I don't know why you should trust my advice, but at least it isn't motivated by any commission I get.

Where should I stay when I travel?

Women ask me this a good bit. Of course I don't travel to most of the cities these women are going to, at least not for the purpose of doing sessions, so I don't have personal experience at most of the hotels women use. Not every hotel is session friendly. Like real-estate there are three things that really matter: location, location and location. There are also cost and the size/quality of the rooms. A suite hotel is best, particularly if you do competitive matches. Women often stay in airport hotels, which makes their travel simpler, and airports generally are accessible to the locals. So a lot of women will stay at hotels near Chicago O'Hare, Washington Dulles, Newark, Boston Logan or LAX. In the DC area BWI Airport is the most popular with session women, probably because it has the most cheap flights (think SouthWest) and is relatively accessible to both Washington and Baltimore. But, Lord is it boring to spend two or three days cooped up in an airport hotel, unless you particularity like hotel bars. I'm familiar with the area around BWI and Dulles Airports and I can't think of a thing to recommend either, except that they are convenient to the airport, and rooms cost less than downtown.

I have a page with information for traveling women, including reccommendations about hotels in some cities.  Click here to see that information

What else should I know about doing sessions?

First, men think that they are paying a lot for your full, undivided attention. Make sure it's OK with your client before you take any calls during a session, and if you say one hour, make sure you spend a full hour with the client, which means you can't book a new client every hour. Of course, if you are charging for one hour, and you're spending a couple of hours with them, then you can be more relaxed about taking phone calls. This is more likely to be an issue when you are touring and booking a lot of sessions in a short period.

Second, you should realize that some people, including some clients, will look at you as a whore, not to put too fine a point upon it. You're doing something for pay that has to do with the sexual gratification or fantasies of men. If that upsets you, if you can't cope with that, don't do sessions. You're also going to have to deal with clients pressuring you for sex. You don't have to provide it, but you will have to deal with the pressure.

How do I improve your wrestling skills, how do I get lessons?

I'm not really the guy to answer this. But I do get asked a lot, and what I say is that generally martial arts, akido, judo or Brazilian Ju-jitsu places are open to women, and studying any of them will help. I usually refer recommendations about particular MA places to women I know do MA. Right now BJJ is probably most popular, but I don't honestly think it matters a lot - a woman who trains seriously in any discipline has a big advantage.

Do I have to have wrestling or martial arts training to be a session wrestler?

No, but it helps. If you're strong and athletic enough, you can get by on that. A lot of the women on my list really don't wrestle at all, so why do they need to be skilled wrestlers? Some body builders and power lifters or just plain very athletic women are strong enough to get by on pure strength, and other body builders just do holds or fantasy wrestling. Some guys just want to roll around on the floor with a pretty girl.

Why do you favor this woman or that woman over me?

If I favor one woman over others, it's because either she impressed me and I like her, or she pestered me until I gave in and did what she asked. The list is not a commercial site, I'm not charging anybody, and I tend to give most attention to what or who interests me. I've given up trying to limit the list to women who are really good wrestlers or superb athletes, because I can't always judge that and that's not what many men are looking for, although that's basically what interests me. If you find a woman with a lot of space on the list, who can't wrestle, and doesn't look very good, then she probably pestered me a lot. The risk of doing that is that I have dropped women altogether when they got too annoying. Or I just start ignoring them.

I suppose that it's true that I'm likely to give you more space, post your stuff sooner and so on if you are polite and courteous, ask nicely, show some intelligence, seem organized and straightforward, give me stuff to post organized as I like it (see this), are unusually beautiful, demonstrate a sense of humor or I decide that you are the sort of woman I would want to do a session with myself. Or, of course, if I have met and liked you I'm likely to pay you more attention.

Do you do sessions yourself wb270?

Yes, but not a lot. No more than three or four most years. Actually I've been doing more recently.

I want to meet you wb270; how do I do that?

A surprising number of women do want to meet me, and I don't have time or the ability to meet all of them. Nowadays I rarely pay for sessions, so if you want me to pay to meet you, that's not very likely to happen.

I sometimes travel, and I live near Washington, DC. If you're coming to Washington, DC and want to meet me, e-mail me. I do sometimes meet women just to talk to them. If I do a session with you I may say something about it in your profile, but I can't review most of the woman on the list, so I don't usually say a lot about my meetings with those women I have met, it doesn't seeem fair, and I don't do negative reviews of women I have sesions with.

What kind of sessions do you do and what women do you prefer for sessions?

I like attractive, intelligent, very athletic women, with a sense of humor. Of course I also like women who at least act as if they find me an interesting, attractive guy, and who pay me a lot of attention. Who doesn't?

I try to do vigorous semi-competitive, fun wrestling sessions; While I'm not terribly competitive I can hold my own or better with many of the women I see. I'm too old (well over 50) to be really competitive with the more capable women on my list. The stronger or more technical women on the list easily wipe the floor with me.

I'm not particularly into female bodybuilders, unless they like to wrestle; posing and muscle worship aren't my main thing, but I certainly like a woman who looks strong and athletic, and many FBBs do.

You don't make any money, why do you do the list?

I don't have a good answer for this one, and I'm not sure how long I will continue. As it has become more widely used, the list has become a lot of work to maintain. Oddly, one reason I keep doing this may be because when I started some folks who ran agencies tried to run me off what they thought was their turf. Another is because I am interested in some of the women, who I would never meet any other way. Without naming any particular names, out of the 300 or so odd women on my list, there are 20 or 30 who seem pretty interesting people to me. And I enjoy dealing with them.

A lot of women now depend on the list for some significant part of their livelihood; I do get a certain number of women who say that the list has made a big difference in their lives, which usually means, I think, that they were in pretty hard straights when they started doing sessions. But it is gratifying to do womething that is important to the lives of some people. I also get an occasional free session.

What are the risks of doing sessions and how can I reduce them?

Again, I'm talking about the risk of something I don't do myself. I do hear about some of the problems women have, and a number of people want me to maintain some kind of list of men who are "bad actors." I generally decline to maintain such a list, because of the practical problems I see and the amount of trouble it would be for me to do it. Helen von Mott is trying to set up a way for women to share information about troublesome clients. I do have a little list of men who have been a problem in the Washington DC area.

Obviously, if you do wrestling sessions you are going to be more or less alone with men you don't know very well, and there are some safety issues. That risk is mitigated greatly if you work in some kind of establishment where there are other people around. If you do sessions in hotels, or do outcall, the risk may be greater. To my knowlege women have been attacked, injured, and raped while doing sessions. I've heard second or third hand about women being robbed, but not directly from anybody it has happened to. But it's mainly a cash business,and it has to be a risk. I do know of at least one case where a womn put money in the hotel safe and had some of it stolen.

What is your relationship to Diana the Valkyrie?

I am not Diana the Valkyrie, who is in the UK. Diana hosts the wb270 website on one of her servers. She provides me with reliable web hosting and I have some links to her site, and don't compete with her photo gallaries. You can e-mail Diana at Valkyrie@TheValkyrie.com

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