18 September 2012

Session Reviews, Comments and Complaints

I welcome reviews of sessions with women on this list, particularly wrestling, boxing or martial arts sessions. I usually will not use reviews of other kinds of sessions (e.g. muscle worship, beat downs, posing, domination....). Just e-mail the review to wb270@yahoo.com. I much prefer to get reviews directly from the men, rather than forwarded to me by the women.

Stay on Topic
Keep the subject of the review to mixed wrestling, boxing, martial arts or something similar, they’re the focus of this website.  Do not send me a review substantially about muscle worship, posing, domination, role play or lift & carry, or other fetishes, although a mention is OK if it is incidental to the wrestling.  I realize that the men who use this site are interested in many things, and the women who use the site do many things, but the focus of the site is wrestling and similar man on woman activities, and there are many other web sites for reviewing women who cater to other fetishes. 

Be brief (100 words or less) and to the point
I am looking for short, crisp, to the point, factual reviews, on the order of 50 to 100 words, that will help readers and prospective clients to gage the wrestling skills, strength and ability of the women and their personalities. If you give me a longer review, I'm generally going to either not use it at all or cut it down. Don't bother setting the stage with an elaborate build up, and long description. You don't have to tell us where the session was, unless that's somehow useful (e.g. "she has a studio with mats in a good location in midtown"). Something about whether the woman is pleasant, brusque, talkative, quiet, cooperative, funny, or similar characteristics is appropriate, and let us know if she is businesslike, runs on time, easy or hard to deal with, but keep it brief. Tell us as much about yourself as is strictly relevant (that you're 250 lb. experienced wrestler, or a 97 lb weakling is relevant to the understanding of the review).

Talk about the woman, not yourself
Tell the reader about the woman and your experience with her, not about yourself.  If you have wrestled 100 other women, or are a black belt in some martial art, or are an NFL defensive lineman, then tell us that much so we can understand your review, but don’t spend more than ten words doing it.

Use good grammar and proper spelling and punctuation
Follow the grammar, punctuation and spelling rules of good, formal English, and don't send me reviews (or anything else) in all capital letters. I will edit all reviews to conform to my notions of good English, decorum and taste. If English is not your native language, do your best and I'll generally try to edit the review to improve the English, if I think it needs editing.

Things to cover in a review
The things I'm most interested in the reviews are:

  • can this woman truly wrestle with and beat some, many, or most men?
  • is she skilled and technical?
  • is she unusually athletic or strong?
  • is she competitive or comfortable with competitive matches where she looses?
  • is she pleasant and fun to be with?
  • is she prompt, reliable and efficient?
  • does she give her clients her full attention?
  • did she cut the session short or is she generous with her time?
  • does she have a good or a bad location?
  • what does she look like?

Avoid flowery, extravagant, rhetorical excess
Keep the review straightforward, simple and factual. Make the tone of the review matter of fact, and refrain from overly elaborate and effusive praise.  A girl may be “stunning,” or “pretty” or “elegant” and so on, but there are no goddesses on this site.  Some of the women are beautiful, and some are terrific athletes, but they all put their pants on one leg at a time.  If you tickle them they laugh and if you prick them they bleed...

Avoid Trite Phrases
Do not use "do not be deceived/fooled by her size/weight/apperance/age..."  Say "XXX is astonishingly strong" or "Her southern belle manner belies a fierce intensity.."  Make simple, direct delcarative statements, and for goodness sakes avoid "do not be decieved..."

Don't reccomend her or tell us you'd see her again
It’s not much of a review if we need you to explicitly tell us whether your would see her again. Similarly, don’t tell us that you recommend a woman; write a review that lets us know that you liked her and why we’ll probably like her.

It often takes me a while to post reviews
Be a bit patient. I do travel and new profiles before I do reviews. If your review is long, and therefore I'm going to shorten it, or if I already have a dozen similar reviews on the same woman I'll probably do other reviews first. If there is no other review of the woman, I'll probably try to get a new review up soon. I usually don't acknowledge receiving a review until I add it to a profile.

Reviews I won't use
I won't use reviews of sexual acts, or accounts of sleepers, which I think are dangerous. I'm not particularly interested in session reviews that focus on muscle worship, domination (unless it involves real wrestling), role-play, ball busting, or lift and carry, and, while there are no hard rules, I usually won't use such reviews (I make exceptions for extraordinary women, or great reviews, but I have to believe the woman is truly world class before I will). I do list all of these activities in the profiles of women, because many women offer a variety of kinds of sessions, but I prefer to focus reviews as much as possible on wrestling and closely related activities.

Negative Reviews
I may or may not use a very negative review, but usually I don't. I generally will send negative reviews diurectly to the woman involved for her comment before I use them. In fact I forward most complaints and negative comments to the woman involved, and this is often all I do with them. If a woman won't let you touch her breasts, or won't wrestle or pose nude or topless, or give release, I don't care. Some will, some won't, and I'm not running reviews where the intent seems to be to pressure women into doing things they are not comfortable doing, or doing with every client. Before I run negative reviews that affect a woman's ability to make a living, I want to be very sure that the review is warranted. I don't care what a woman's fee is; I just don't get involved in fees, and won't post reviews that are about fees. But feel free to let folks know if you were hurried or rushed, or the woman spent a lot of time on the phone, or didn't seem comfortable with more competitive wrestling.

Complaints about Women
If you have a serious complaint, you can let me know by e-mail. Travel can be problematic, and sometimes travel arrangements fall through. But if a woman habitually misses appointments, or takes deposits and runs off with them, then, when I confirm that, or don't get an adequate explanation from the woman, I generally will simply remove her from the list.  Do not complain to me because a woman fails to respond to you, she may well be deliberately avoiding you, which is her right. 

Errors, Corrections and Serious Deceptions
I can't and don't vet all the information I post here, but I do try to correct inaccuracies.   I can't guarantee that every listing I have is genuine; some, particularly new listings, could be scams. Do tell me if you know for a fact that a woman on my list is no longer doing sessions.  While it is normal and acceptable for established women to require deposits to book sessions, use some judgment before sending a big deposit, or traveling a long distance to meet a woman you don't know. Nothing gets men so riled up as sending in a deposit, or driving a long distance to meet a woman who doesn't show.  I believe that's fairly rare, but use good judgment and common sense in fronting money to people you don't know. If there is a pattern of running off with deposits, I want to know so I can remove the woman, but I don't automatically assume that any single such event is anything more than the result of confusion, and I do know that men sometimes try to pressure women by threatening them with bad reviews.  I do not and cannot guarantee the performance of any of the women on this list.



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