Aug. 2, 2018

Registration Policy or "How do I get listed on"

This new policy is prompted by a rash of applications which seem to have little to do with the purpose of or to be attempts to set up a scam whereby a fraudster, after obtaining a profile on stating her availability for some kind of session wrestling, the fraudster persuades a user to advance her a deposit (often in the form of Amazon or Apple gift cards) to schedule a wrestling session and runs off with the deposit. is intended to a free directory of women athletes who are willing and able to do wrestling sessions with men (and perhaps other women) for a fee.  By women I mean natural women with two X chromosomes, not transvestites or transsexuals.  By wrestling sessions I mean a wide variety of activities from fully competitive pin or submission wrestling and domination wrestling, to fantasy or scripted wrestling where the participants act out some scenario, and intermediary competitive levels (often described as semi-competitive).  I include judo, jujitsu, BJJ, various forms of similar martial arts, sumo, and various striking arts, boxing, karate, kickboxing,...  I include lift and carry, arm wrestling and other similar essentially strength and athletic demonstrations.  You have to persuade me that you probably can and will do something athletic and strength based along these lines to be on the wb270 wrestler list.

I will also allow women to advertise some other services, such as muscle worship, bondage & discipline, in-gym training, or even foot worship, which often are done with some kind of wrestling.  But I will not advertise "full service," "happy endings" or anything explicitly sexual.

To apply to be included on you must: 
Information to be submitted for a wb270 profile: You must give me enough information about yourself and what you do to convince me that you most probably are an athlete who can and will do the athletic wrestling related activities listed above.


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