May 20, 2017
Pirate website "WB270 version 2" rips-off name

This site,  which has supported session wrestlers around the world for 20 years, has nothing whatever to do with the the pirate site proclaiming itself "WB270 version 2," except for the blatant rip-off of the name, plainly intended to confuse people.  In the two decades has existed, it has supported session wrestlers and earned, I believe, a good reputation.  This pirate wb270 site is an unprincipled attempt to trade on that name and reputation.

The pirate site introduces a new business model for session providers, by inserting itself as an intermediary, and charging women for referrals.  Perhaps it's more accurate to say it revives the old agency model, where a few "bookers" got a cut of each woman's fee for any session done with any client who contacts her through the site.  The agency model makes sense when an agent can provide a place to session in a big big city, like New York  or London, where space is expensive and hard to find. does the opposite, only listing women and the information about them that they choose to make public, including their contact information.  The real wb270 focuses entirely on making the business e-mail addresses and information the providers choose to make public available for free to session providers, and posting the travel plans of touring session providers.  The real has no search engine, no ability for women to directly update the site, and no fee, but some qualifications to get on the list .  The real doesn't know or keep your PII  or business secrets.  Nor is there any advertising (except for a banner to the Diana the Valkyrie site, which hosts is not an intermediary, it is just a board where you can advertise yourself and your travel plans.

The old agency models for session providers largely fell apart twenty years ago, when made it easy for men to find and contact session providers directly, by e-mail, at no charge to the men or women.  An intermediary may perhaps offer some advantages - wb270 is a one-man operation and occasionally  it isn't updated for several day to as much as a week.  If you want an intermediary between you and your clients, and are willing to pay percentage for the service, there may be an advantage.   Perhaps the women want some third party to keep records of the sessions they do and who their clients are and see.  Perhaps the customers will trust them with their identities.  Perhaps not, but choice is good. 

It is strange that the pirate site promotes its security (vanilla TLS)  as a feature, when that's only necessary because they're keeping your secrets, your passwords and your business records. The real wb270 doesn't know your secrets, you don't tell us, we can't leak them. 

I have no objection to such an agency type service in principle, competition is good; maybe some women want to work through an intermediary, and are willing to pay for the service, and don't mind an unknown third party keeping track of their business.  And maybe some men want their session activities to be recorded in that data-base.

But  I do strongly object to the despicable pirating of the wb270 domain name.  I wouldn't trust anybody who would do that - imagine how you would feel as an established provider if another woman used a nearly exact copy of your name, obviously intending to confuse women and men.


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