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WB270 Female Wrestler Contact List

WB270 provides contact information for women who wrestle men (or sometimes other women).  The women listed here are athletes who offer mixed wrestling, boxing, martial arts, overpowering or physical domination and strength challenges or demonstrations, such as lift and carry for a fee.  It is not an escort or dating site - do not expect to find girlfriends or women offering sex here.  Although wb270.com does list some women who work through agencies (usually places that provide suitable wrestling mats and facilities) most of the women work independently; contact them directly to arrange matches and discuss fees.  Wb270.com does not book or arrange wrestling sessions for any wrestler, it simply provides contact information and descriptions of the women and what they offer.  There is no charge to either the men or to the women listed.  No representation is made that all of the information posted here has been confirmed or verified.


NOTICE: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and consequent states of emergency, quarantines, travel restrictions and social distancing measures adopted in many countries:

WB270 will not be posting new travel that begins before May 1, 2020

This date may be extended, depending on the situation.  WB270 will continue to post travel cancellations for currently schedule travel before that date or rescheduling of visits before that date, as well as travel after that date.  Moreover, WB270 advises against doing any wrestling sessions anywhere that social distancing measures are in effect, since wrestling inherently involves very close physical contact.

WB270 will continue to post new travel and rescheduling dates beginning after that date, although, as noted, the date could be moved back as events develop.

MRCH 31, 2020

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