How to Get Yourself Added to this List

I frequently get messages along the lines of, "I'm a woman in Kalamazoo who wrestles men, how do I get added to your site?"  The basic answer is: send me an e-mail message giving me the information I need and asking to be included on the list.  E-mail me at:

Direct Contact Policy: My policy now is that a woman must contact me directly herself by e-mail to get listed on   In the past I have allowed others to contact me on the behalf of women, and give me a phone number only for the woman.  I will no longer do that, since those cases have proved problematic.  A woman who wants to be on this list, must have access to e-mail, and must e-mail me herself.  I make one exception:  I will occasionally allow agents who actually book sessions for women to continue to list the women they work with, but women who book their own sessions must ask me directly to  be listed.  If you don't have Internet access, get it.  Use a PC in the library if you must, or use a friend's computer, get a free Yahoo, AOL or similar e-mail account,  and send me the information I ask for here by e-mail.  I will respond to your e-mail with any questions I have or problems I see.  I do not require that you offer an e-mail contact point for clients, use a phone if you wish (although in this era, if you are working strictly by phone, you are missing a lot).   But you have to talk to me by e-mail, and you have to respond to e-mails that I send you to be listed.  And in this day and age, if you are doing sessions and don't have e-mail, what are you thinking about?  Are you really in business at all?  This is a web site, the men who use it expect to communicate by e-mail.

I'm also emphatically not interested in dealing with or through wrestling impressarios who manage or want to manage a stable of women wrestlers in one way or another.  I've done that in the past, and I will continue to list a few agenices that I have worked with for some while, but if you're trying to start a new service or agency, or wrestling "federation" with a bunch of women that you represent or book for, then look somewhere else to publicize your service or them.  If a woman who works with or does sessions for one of these agencies, federations, dungeon or whatever, then you can contact me directly, and I'll deal with you directly, as long as you can be contacted dirctly by e-mail.

Who Qualifies to be Listed:  There is no charge to be on this list.  That has some implications; I get to say whatever and whoever is listed, and I make no guarantees about how long it will take to get things posted (although, in general, this site gets updated more often and is kept more current than nearly any other site on the subject of mixed wrestling). I get backed up at times and it can take several weeks to get listed initially.   I make no claim to be completely fair and objective; while I will list just about anybody who asks, and who seriously does some kind of wrestling, matral arts, boxing or muscle/strength sessions, the amount of space and the general tenor of what I say depends on the impression I have.  Women who have paid me a lot of attention, one way or the other, probably get more attention on the list, than some of those who haven't.  I'm human, subject to flattery, and the attentions of attractive women.

I list women who live just about anywhere in the world, who are available to do something related to some sort of wrestling, boxing or some martial art with men.  My basic policy has been to include any woman who does some kind of mixed wrestling, boxing or martial arts sessions, who wants to be on the list, and who sems to me to meet some minimum standard of "interest," where interest is a subjective term.   In general, the stronger, more athletic, more beautiful, the more likely it is that you can overpower many men, and the more intelligent you are the more interesting I'm likely to find you.  I will not advertise what seems to me prostitution.

I used to be somewhat more liberal, listing almost any girl who wanted on the list, whatever she did.  I now just don't have time to list every woman who wants me to list her.  I'm now trying to be selective and  confine myself to adding women who interest me, that is who genuinely do wrestle, box or do strength sessions, such as lift & cary sessions with men, and I'm going to avoid adding new women who appear to me to be primarily escorts, or who only do scissors sessions or only put compliant men in holds and that general sort of thing.  In short if you want to be listed, you're going to have to convince me that you're an athlete, not (just) an escort who will pretend to wrestle with a man who makes no resistance.  I realize that all many men want is a sort of a pretend session with a pretty girl, but I'm trying to keep the list focused on women who do something physically impressive with men, such a wrestling, boxing, martial arts, lift & carry, other feats of strength, etc.  I also realize that some very powerful women have no interest in anything approaching a truly competiitve session, and only want to do sessions with men who either cannot or do not make any effective resistance, and I'm OK with that, if the woman is jsut stronger or more skilled than most men.  I'm not saying that you have to do competitive sessions to be on the list, but I'm not much interested in woman an "average" man can easily overpower.

I'm also going to refuse to add body builders who only do posing and muscle worship.  I also tend to be suspicious of many women who bill themselves a dominatrixes, but apparently take only passive non-resisting clients.  On the other hand there are some dommes who are terrific wrestlers.  At any rate to get listed you will have to convince me that you are a genuine athlete of some sort, and do something related to strength or some sort of wrestling, boxing or some martial art.  Beating up or squeezing only passive men or ball busting doesn't count.

Talking to WB270: I don't give out my phone number, however if you want me to call you, send me your number and give me an indication of when is a good time to call.  It may take a while but I'll give you a call, at least if you are in the USA or Canada.

Not a picture site: This is primarily a text site, not a picture site.  The reason is straightforward: I'm dealing in information more than pictures; pictures are bandwidth intensive.  Morover my deal with Diana the Valkyrie, who now is my ISP and hosts this site, is that I don't compete with her photo galleries.  If you're a new girl starting out, I am willing to post a picture on this site, to help you get started, and I have a few pictures of a number of women, but this site is not a substitute for your own homepage. If I already have a picture of you on the site, I won't put a very high priority on changing it, although some women want me to post new photos for them all the time. Don't expect me to change your pictures every year; you may think that you've changed, but usually not that much.  If you want frequent picture changes, get your own web site and I'll link to it.

I think of this as a "PG-13" site.  I'm OK with topless pics, generally, but not with full, frontal nudity, and not with any explicitly sexual photos, crotch shots and the like.

Keeping your Privacy:  Think twice or three times about what you ask me to post for you, and it's implications for your privacy.  Don't give me your real name to list, unless you're sure you're comfortable with it.  Remember that search engines are very powerful tools, and I sometimes can correlate information women give me to determine a lot about you, including sometimes your real name, your address, your phone number, your job, your school, even your major, through Google.  Before you give me a phone number or an e-mail that you use in any other context, Google it and see what pops up.  Don't give me photos to post, if they could embarrass you.  If you're a body builder with a contest history, and you post pictures, people will recognize you.  If you're a pro FBB, and even post that fact and very much about yourself at all people will identify you even without a picture.  Will your wrestling coach, your sensei, your lifting coach, your agent, or anybody who matters to you freak out if they find out that you're on my list?  Will your ex use it against it in a custody battle (or more likely use it as a lever in negotiating support payments)?  I try to let women know that it's easy to figure out who they are, but I don't always anticipate when it will be an issue. 

Whatever you do, don't send me a picture of some other woman to post as your picture! I almost guarantee you that you will be detected, probably very soon. I will get angry messages about it, that will make me angry, and I will kick you off the list. Several women have done this, and they were detected in days. Some men who apparently have no life seem to do almost nothing but look at pictures of muscular women on the web and they will recognize what you thought were the totally obscure pictures of some woman you thought looked enough like you to be OK. They will tell me who the person really is and even where and when the picture was taken. I will kick you off the list and you will then give me some sob story about a stalker, or how you live in a small town and it would ruin your high standing in the community if anybody actually saw a picture of you and learned you do sessions. All that may be true, but I don't care. It's not honest to use somebody else's picture as your own, and I'm basically not sympathetic. You don't have to post a picture, but if you do post one it really has to be you.

So if you want me to list you send me an e-mail message (or have somebody do it for you).  The section below shows the format of a listing and the kinds of information I need for each part.  You also can look at a few listings to see the kind of information I need.

Listing Format and Explanation

Name  The name you want to be known by on this list, not necessarily your real name.  In most cases you should not use your real name.

Description  - A summary of relevant facts about you
Stats: height, weight, year of birth, and measurements you want to give such as biceps measurements, best lifts, etc.
Location: wherever you are located.  (note 1)
E-mail: This is your E-mail address. (note 3)(note 4)  If you don't even have an e-mail address, why are you advertising on the web?  Don't list an e-mail address to do sessions that you use for any other purpose, that almost always leads to problems.  E-mail addresses are easy to get, so get one jsut for your session work. This is how most clients will want to contact you.
Phone:  This should be a way to call you directly
Specialties: The things that you are available to do, such as wrestling (competitive, semi-competitive, fantasy, dominant, pin versus submission, BJJ, etc.), boxing, martial arts (be specific: Brazillian jujitsu, Muy Thai Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, etc.), domination, role-play, posing, lift and carry, muscle worship, arm wrestling, belly punching, scissors sessions..(note 2)

Additional Information
Information about the wrestler, including:
A summary, generally not more than 100 words or so, and often much less, that tell the reader things you want him to know.  You may write this or I may, if I know something about you, and I reserve the right to edit whatever you write.   Tell about your experience.  For example, if you are a pro BB, or were a college athlete,  hold a world bench press record, have been wrestling 12 years, or won the state Twae Kwon Do championship, tell the reader here.  If you have rules or special things you do or don't do tell the reader here, for  example, that you wrestle guys competitively only if they weigh less than  180 lb.  If you're unusually beautiful or dance in clubs, say it here.  If you have a good place to wrestle, a studio or other facility, be sure and say it here. (note 5)
photo     photo      photo      phot (optional) two to four photos of you; should be good, in focus, properly exposed photos in .jpg format and not more than 1024 pixels in height or width.  Just e-mail me the phots as attachments


Links to information about the wrestler, including:
  • Homepage:  if you have a homepage send me the URL and I will link to it
  • Other relevant web links: If you are featured on a webpage somewhere, send me the URL
Reviews reviews that clients send directly to wb270@yahoo,com
These come from men who have done sessions with you, and I usually abstract a couple of sentences from the reports I get from men, or sometimes more.  I usually limit the reviews to a half dozen per woman and may not use new reviews that basically repeat what I already have.  I want 100 words or less.  I usually either shorten longer reviews or never use them.  Occasionally I also include longer, detailed reviews, if they are very, very well written, and put a link to it on a separate page.  These have to be well written and I have to trust the reviewer.  It's OK to encourage your clients so send in reviews, but I have become skeptical that some women were writing their own reviews then sending them to me under an assumed name, and that's a no-no. I do reviews last, and often get as much as months behind in posting them, and probably never use at least half of the reviews that I get. (note 6)


Note 1: This can be more than one place if you regularly are available in more than one location, but not places you visit occasionally, or even regularly.  For example if you live in Newark, but go into Manhattan regularly for sessions, I'll list you under Newark and new York City.  If you live in the Valley, but also do outcall in LA, I'll list you in both places.  But if you live in Springfield, IL and visit New York twice a year, I won't list you as located in New York.

Note 2:  This site is for women who do some kind of mixed wrestling, boxing or martial art.  Many of the women who do these things also do other things such as posing, muscle worship, lift & carry or domination.  I won't list a woman unless she does some kind of mixed wrestling, boxing or martial arts, or at least some kind of strength  sessions, however I will then then briefly list other services that she offers. While I will mention domination or role play, I don't want a long list of specialized B&D or S&M services.   There are a few things that I won't list.  I won't list "sleepers,"  because I think they're not safe.  I won't list anything about topless, nudity, prostate massages, "full service" or the like.  I won't list scat play, golden showers, CBT or that general sort of thing.  For some rough definitions of terms like "competitive and semi-competitive" go here.

Note 3:  Think about what ways you want to clients to contact you.  The biggie is susually e-mail.  If you list your personal phone, you may get a lot of calls, and some, perhaps many, will not be serious inquiries.  If you don't have good e-mail service and check it regularly, why not?  That will be the preferred way for many of the readers of this list to contact you - the people who do read this list generally do have e-mail.

Note 4: This is a website, and nearly everybody who uses it can send e-mail, so if you don't have an e-mail address, you're not getting the most out of this list.  But don't list an e-mail address you can only check once a month. And do not list an e-mail address that you use for purposes other than sessions.

Note 5:  If I've met you, or I have reports from my regular contributors on you, this affects what I say here.  But I haven't met the vast majority of the women on the list.  I can't afford the time to meet or do a session with more than a small fraction of the women on the list.  However, if you are coming to the Washington, DC area and want to meet me - not necessarily to do a session but also to go over your listing or satisfy your curiosity, then I'll try to meet with you if I can, but I generally won't pay you for a session. 

Note 6:  I have wrestled some of the women on the list.  In those cases I comment directly on the women, usually in the overall description, but also include reviews from others.  I don't write long reviews of the women I have wrestled, although I do post some long reviews written by others.  There are far more women on this list than I can wrestle myself.

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