18 July 2003


Introductory Material


September, 1997: The list has been reorganized to list each woman individually, with an index by state or group of states. I have reinserted some reviews, and plan to limit the reviews generally to two per wrestler.

AN APPEAL: If this list is to be maintained I need help from readers.  Please send comments and additional information to: wb270@yahoo.com Note E-mail change. I particularly request information about new contacts, or any corrections or updates about any person on hte list. Please give me the source and date of any contact.  If you are a woman who is not on the list, but who wishes to be, then let me know as well. If you find inaccurate statements, please tell me.   I welcome, out of personal interest, any comments from readers about any of the girls they have met, but have abandoned including extracts from such comments on the list itself.

General Information

For more information about the list and how and why it was created go here.



Any part of this list to which I hold original copyrights may be copied and reproduced, without further permission. I assume that those who submit reports to be included in this list are granting permission for me to include their original material in this list. Please do not send me material which infringes the copyrights of others. Go here for more information on copyrights.

DISCLAIMER:I make no representation about the accuracy of this list. It is not possible to verify the accuracy of all the information I receive via E-mail. I do not knowingly include false information. Use the contacts at your own risk. Remember that phone numbers and addresses change. Use appropriate caution and discretion when contacting these women. Remember, comments here are primarily from advertisments, or inputs from others; I have no way to verify them.


There is some risk of injury inherent in wrestling and some risk in contacting and meeting strangers. Remember also that the women on this list are people, who deserve courtesy and consideration, and who may have to deal with some rather unpleasant customers at times.

Some of the women purport to have martial arts backgrounds.  I am not able to evaluate the actual martial arts skill levels they may have.  You must do that for yourself, after you contact them.

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