VeVe Lane

Stats: 5-4 120 pounds,  born: 1982
Location: New York City 
Specialities: Wrestling: Competitive, Semi-competitive, Fantasy, Domination, Bondage Wrestling. Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Catfighting. Muscle Worship and Flexing.  Lift & Carry, Modelling, Belly Punching, Beat Downs, Dual sessions with other wrestlers, Strength Challenges

Additional Information
VeVe is a high-octane cocktail of ferocity, physicality, intelligence, and fighting skill. Her sweet and friendly demeanor will put you at your ease (and off your guard)... until the match begins. She loves the sweaty athletic struggle of a straight-up grappling bout just as much as the creative sensuality or cruelty of fantasy, domination, and roleplay wrestling.

VeVe is also a master practitioner and innovator of bondage wrestling -- step onto her rope-rigged mat and you'll have only yourself to thank when you end up bound and helpless despite your struggles. Requests for other creative match styles, unique scenarios, and special attire are also heartily welcomed.

This lean beauty trains regularly and hits the gym with a passion, so watch out for her fighting fury and fantastically defined biceps. Whether you're looking for a fight or craving to be locked up, roughed up, and ground down, VeVe will dish it out and keep on coming. She doesn't stop; she doesn't quit; she's got the skills and tenacity to fight for days on end.

If you think she can beat you, you want to meet her. If you think you can beat her, you NEED to meet her. Try your luck. Bring it on. No crying afterward!

VeVe is based in New York City, with studio spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  She also travels on session tours.



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