Tatiana Belodyne

Stats: 5-8 165 pounds, blonde 
Location: San Francisco and Oakland
Specialities: wrestling (fantasy, semi-competitive, competitive and dominant) Fantasy Boxing, muscle worship and domination 

Contact Info 
E-mail:  MssTatiana@gmail.com  

Additional Information 
From the reports I've received Tatiana is quite strong and a good wrestler. She says:

"After many years of working at FantasyMakers, I've gone independent!  I now have my own mats and two different spaces, both with much more room and more flexibility than I had in the past.

I am pretty strong!  I lift weights 2-3 times a week, and have _significant_ muscle mass (including 15" biceps), though I'm NOT a competitive bodybuilder or a hardbody athlete.  (I've got bulk and definition, but I'm definitely NOT ripped- wouldn't want to disappoint anyone who was expecting that!)

I’m a strong and skilled wrestler, but I prefer avoid sessions that are cutthroat "do-or-die" competition—I tend towards sessions which are either more playful, more fantasy and domination, or more  “good clean fun” workouts.

I wrestle submission style for sessions, though I have a strong medal-winning competitive background in USAW Freestyle, including placing well at National Championships and being invited to join the US Training Team.  I learned submission style beating up my brother and the neighborhood farmboys.  I also enjoy fantasy matches and I am a very experienced pro Domme." 
  • 10/98: "Tatiana is a  very good freestyle wrestler and worthy competitive opponent.  Even though I outweighed her by 40 lbs and had wrestling and judo experience in high school  she was able to pin me probably as many if not more times than I was able to pin her in a one hour session.  She competes in freestyle wrestling for one of the San Francisco wrestling clubs and has won medals in her weight class at various tournaments.  I was extremely impressed by both her endurance and strength.  She would be extremely hard to beat by anyone nearer her weight class.  In addition she has a great personality and really enjoys competitive freestyle wrestling.  I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a tough competitive bout...
  • 2/97: "She is blonde, has a pretty face, is buxom and is sturdily built- she cuts a fairly imposing profile. The match itself was fantasy style, and I indicated that she was to inflict pain in the match. Which she did cheerfully and efficiently. She is very strong ( I am about 6'1, 230 & she had only occasional problems in moving my torso wherever she needed it). Her scissors holds are quite powerful- I almost blacked out before I could tap out on one occasion, but she varied the pressure enough to keep me awake. She is also adept at bodydrops, breast smothering, cradles, grapevines, and will throw in nipple torture...Overall, she was more fun than some dates that I've been on (and about as expensive)."
  • 12/07: "I've wrestled Tatiania a number of times and have always had a great time. She is a muscular lady with fantastic wrestling skills. She easily adapts to any style from fantasy to competitive. I am a large guy and she made me submit numerous times. Be careful because she likes to use her naturally large breasts to smother you she she is squeezing the air out of your lungs with her rock hard thighs. Tatiana has a great sense of humor. I give her two thumbs up!" 


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