formerly Scarlett Devine now Devora Gray

Stats: 5-11 145  pounds, 36D-26-38, size 11 feet
Location: Las Vegas, will travel to surounding cities & states
Specialities: Devora is now retired from doing sessions but she has a very nice website and Youtube channel about sessions. which are well worth a look.

Devora is one of the most beautiful and intelligent women I've ever met, and was a great session wrestler.

Scarlett's old profile
Additional Information
Scarlett says: "I'm a writer by day, Mistress by Night. At 5'11'' in my stalking size 11 feet, 36D-26-38, 145lbs, I'm not petite by any measure. You can see extensive video "footage" of me on Competitive Enterprises website. I have modeled and acted through them and similar companies for the past two years. My avid fans prefer when I am in stalkings, stilettos and an impressive push-up bra. I am truly an Amazon in size, mind, and passion. I'm naturally strong, a nature-lover with a BDSM twist. It is my only goal to complete amaze, appease, and crush my willing victims, leaving them spent in the aftermath of a dominating, powerful woman who loves all manner of humanity and its various forms. That's all a cute way of saying, I get off on the power of surrender. I dabbled in Wrestling in high school, so I own the basics in amateur status, and while training in my own personal time, am eagerly awaiting formidable partners that would love to show off their moves and enhance my own. I kick box for strength, energy and the sheer joy of it and have been a faithful yogi for the last ten years. Email me for more pictures and commentary. Welcome to my playground."

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Scarlett  is delightful: tall, a classic beauty, simply stunning, feminine, very intelligent, as well as a strong, athletic woman and fine wrestler, who had no problem genuinely overpowering me. - wb

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