Stats: 5-4 128 pounds. 12" biceps, 21" thighs, 14" calves
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Specialities: Wrestling: competitive, semi competitive and other styles, no topless
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Savannah says: "My background is all sorts of sports, including softball, gymnastics, field hockey, you name it.  My ex husband was a pro wrestler, so I've picked up a few things :)  I can do competitive, semi-competitive, and more.  I don't do topless."

  • 7/06: "I was looking for a firm semi-competitve match and this girl brought it! She is the real deal. She is very pretty in person, with a nice athletic body. She has a wonderful personality and alot of fun. And she is plenty strong enough for a good match. For someone just getting started, she already has a good repetoire of holds and is a quick learner. I was particularly impressed that she was equally good using her upper body for headlocks, etc, as well as her lower body for scissorsand such. "
  • 7/06: " Exudes an earthy charm.  Remember the hot blonde gymnast or swimmer in HS you always wanted to go out with but had to worship from a distance?  That's Savannah.  Sweet, easy to talk with, and laid back.  Really great legs and butt, too :)  But on the mat, wow.  Killer legs, arms, and quick.  Each time she got a headscissor on me (and it was more than twice), I had to tap quickly.  Strong arms too...again thinking of the gymnast or swimmer.  Didn't mind getting me in a headlock, and trash talking me about breaking it.  Overall, just one of the best sessions I have had.  "
  • 10/06: "I had a very good semi-competitive session with Savannah.  She is strong and skilled and is a quick learner.  Our score was tied at three.  She got me with a head scissors and two guillotines.  I’m 49 years old, 6’0 and 170lbs.  My only experience is about 10 wrestling sessions.  Savannah is very personable and a good trash talker and enjoys celebrating her victories.  A very good semi-competitive wrestler."


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