Nikki Fierce (Retired)

Stats: 5-4 120 pounds
Location: Los Angeles
Specialities: Semi-competitive, fantasy and domination wrestling. Boxing, stomach punching, kicking, scissors sessions, smothering, roleplay, humiliation and domination. .

Additional Information

1/2/2017: Nikki has retired.  "Nikki is a beautiful, young, punky girl who is as competitive as they come. Don't let her height or weight fool you. She's tough and strong, and will handle men much larger than her. I should know. I'm one of them, having had numerous sessions with her.  Nikki's knowledge of wrestling holds are second to none. Her legs are like steel, so her scissors are inescapable and torturous. You better tap out before you pass out! The same is true of her other perfectly executed holds like the camel clutch, Indian deathlock, bow and arrow, Boston crab and many other holds that had me screaming in pain. She can even perform a perfect hurricarana. If boxing is your preference, she'll knock you senseless. She's great at lighter, fantasy sessions too. Her roleplay is incredible."

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