Stats: 5-3 110 pounds, biceps: 12½", Quads 23", calves 15"
Location: Southern, M
Specialities: fantasy and friendly semi-cometitive, scissors sessions, foot worship, facesitting, and domination.  No Nudity.

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Nessie says: "I'm just getting started in this, but I have been told that I am a natural. I have done a video for ScissorVixens.  I can accept incalls."

  • 1/09: "Nessie is the real deal with a knack for being able to combine wrestling skills and domination techniques. Shie is very accommodating and open-minded and able to serve up many forms of domination while kicking the living stuffing fair and square versus a 190 lb male.  Nessie's head scissor holds are deadly and her dance background makes her flexibility alone more than formidable, making it ultra-difficult to evade her deadly legs! She loves foot worship as well and will make you suffer under her feet after out-wrestling and out-foxing you for a good hour. Her stamina is evident as well and any well-fit male will find that he will have his hands more than full in a match against the mighty Nessie! Highly recommended!"
  • 2/09: "Attention scissorheads! If you're like me and love to be squeezed into giddiness (I'm still seeing stars!) by a sexy woman with smooth shapely legs and glutes then I STRONGLY recommend Nessie! Her scissoring, facesitting, and smothering skills, along with her physical attractiveness and personality put her over the top when it comes to session wrestlers. I wish I could stay locked in her scissors for a week! She's the epitomy of 'good things come in small packages'! Very hot, very unique, very courteous but very lethal."
  • 2/09: "Although she may be new to the scene, Nessie proved to be an extremely formidable wrestler and dominatrix!  I requested a session with light wrestling, roleplay, and foot worship and Nessie certainly delivered.  Her roleplay was very convincing (like she'd been doing it for years) and her feet are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  She especially enjoyed making me suffer under her feet for a long time...a perfect mixture of toe-sucking, licking, and foot smelling that made me dizzy by the end of our time.  I would definitely session with her again, and I would highly recommend this beautiful, petite, ass-kicker to anyone! "



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