Stats: 5-2 138 pounds normal weight, 132 pounds competition, bicep: 13.5 in., naturally tan skin, 365 lb.deadlift, 215 lb. bernchpress, 65 lb. single arm dumbell curl,
Location:  Bay Area - Antioch, CA
E-mail: mightyfitness.heidi@gmail.com
Cell: 1(925)204-0687
posing style: power, beastmode, sensual, teasing, erotic type and unexpected super vascular, muscle worship, training folks and training with them, light submission, scissoring, oiled muscle, fantasy wrestling (no brutality and true hurting involved for either party) ..private photo shoots, private video shoots for personal use only and so much more

Additional Information

Super easy going, no stress. Wpd NPC 9 time overall winner.  High energy master trainer and fitness model.  Orange Belt MMA inactive in sparring.  I consider myself a living sculpture a living fantasy for you to create as you please

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