Stats: 5-2, 155 pounds, 16.5 " biceps, 25" quads
Location: New England (travels often to New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC) 
Specialities: playful, sensual, erotic, scissor sessions and light semi-competitive wrestling matches

Contact Info
E-mail: MORRIS7240@aol.com
Cell Phone: 781-548-9267(while traveling only)

Additional Information
Caribbean native with creamy caramel skin. Michelle is an awesome bodybuilder with heavy muscularity. She has 16 1/2" biceps from years of heavy weightlifting. She competes at the national level in bodybuilding contests. She is available for playful, sensual, erotic and semi-competitive wrestling matches and loves to show off (pose) her muscle.

  • E-mail 10/03: "She's only been lifting for four years, so she doesn't have the super dense muscle maturity of a Trudy Ireland or Colette Guimond, but her muscles are thick, thick, thick in the arms, legs, delts and her lats are massive. She enjoyed putting me in bear hugs, lifting and tossing me and effortlessly controlling my 200 pounds."
  • E-mail 11/02:"Michelle, is a very sweet lady with an incredible sexy body!! She's very thickly muscled, and those muscles aren't for looks either. She's pretty new to sessions, but knows how to apply holds and can have you tapping out in seconds. Michelle, got me in a reverse head scissor that had me seeing stars in seconds and on my way to scissor heaven. She's hard as a rock and her holds are very hard to escape. She enjoys putting you in holds and making you submit, you can tell by the beautiful smile on her face as she sees you struggling in her grasp. I feel the more sessions she does the better she will become. I recommend this powerful lady to everyone that loves big, sexy, thick & strong women!"
  • E-mail 2/04: "Michelle's voluptuous, artistic physique has no apparent weaknesses. Her glutes, quads and hamstrings are the best I have ever seen. But her upper torso is equally impressive. Wide shoulders tapering down to a tiny waste and oh, did I mention her Major League lats? All this on a ravishingly attractive carribbean woman who has only been bodybuilding seriously for a little over four years. The other aspect of Michelle that I cannot overstate is the extraordinary sensuality of her posing. She did a double biceps pose while slowly, gracefully lowering herself to the ground in a split that will remain indelibly ingrained in my memory as one of the most erotic moments I have ever witnessed. She does this all with a genuinely warm, sincere smile because she loves to please her client and pleased you will be."
  • E-mail 2/04: "Her enormously muscled offseason physique, which seems ever thicker and more powerful, allowed her to effortlessly control me with almost frightening brute strength. I'm a big, pretty fit guy, but she demonstrated with her huge arms, gargantuan legs and one of the most massive backs you'll see on a woman her height, that I wasn't close to being a match for her. When she does a rear double bicep with those humongous delts or flares that superbroad back, you might find yourself trembling to be so close to such overwhelming size and obvious power."
  • E-mail 5/04: "From the moment I entered the room and "snuck a peak" of her closing the door, I was struck by her beauty ( she looks better in person as on her pics ) and charm. and her incredibly muscular body. Her Caribbean descent gave her all of natures gifts to wear a bikini in a spectacular way, and the ability to pose her sexy body with thick and powerfull muscles. She enjoys using her power and makes you feel helpless and dominated when captured in her strong arms and legs."
  • E-mail 12/04: "Michelle is a unique woman and in my opinion combines beauty, intelligence, personality and sheer muscle better than any other woman I have ever had a session with ( and that’s about 20 different women ) She is friendly, sexy, smart, and I believe she is more muscular than she even thinks she is. I saw her about 4 weeks after her 2nd place finish at the Nationals where she competed at 125 lbs. or so. She weighed about 148 lbs. when I saw her, with 16”+ biceps and 27”+ quads …all on a woman about 5:2 or so ! Her arms, quads, and back are HUGE and she is the nicest person you’d ever want to meet. "





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