Stats: 5-8 145 pounds, born: 1975
Location: Oakland, CA
E-mail: or
Phone: 415-261-2058
Kajukenbo Martial Arts, Domination, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Hold and Pins

Additional Information

"As a professional Dominatrix I've enjoyed wrestling men for over a decade. As a martial artist, I enjoy both the competitive and cooperative spirit of wrestling, grappling, sparring, take downs, pins and holds. I'm athletic and work out almost everyday. I take pride in being strong, fit and beautiful. I'm playful and love to laugh but I also enjoy putting up a good fight. It's important that whoever I engage with has some level of experience to help reduce the risk of injury. Inquiries will be asked for a reference. I have a lovely incall location in downtown Oakland, CA with a wrestling area and mats. I do not offer outcalls for wrestling or grappling sessions."

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