Jasmine Flower 


Stats: 5-8, 128 pounds
Location: Philadelphia, and New York City
Specialties: Role-play, Sploshing, Muscle Worship, Scissor Sessions, Competitive, semi-competitive, dominant, and fantasy wrestling.  

Contact Info
E-mail: jasmineofthc@yahoo.com
NYC Phone: 212-242-4577
Cell: 267-970-1181 (NYC & Philly)

Additional Information
Jasmine splits her time between Philadelphia and new York City and says: "I have done competitive and fantasy wrestling before, and while I am not extremely stocky or husky, I am very flexible and I know different holds. " She has a background in in Tang Soo Do, JuiJitsu and MMA, and is, as the reviews reveal, a terrific wrestler.

  • 6/08: "I just had one of my best all-time wrestling sessions with Jasmine Flowers. Jasmine is a tall, attactive brunette and deceptively strong from years of martial arts training. She knows many different holds and is able to execute them from various positions. Jasmine is a well trained and highly technical grappler and is quite adept at using her long legs to apply some of the strongest scissor holds I have ever felt.   Jasmine was easy to book, attentive and generous with her time. She is fun to wrestle with  and can also be quite playful during the match. We wrestled at a semi -comp level to start off and I quickly realized she had no trouble making me tap out. I turned it up a notch but it made no difference as Jasmine easily outmanuvered me earning one submission after another. In the middle of the match I realized Jas had this smile on her face. It dawned on me that this had turned into a cat and mouse game and she was enjoying playing with her prey. I doubt if any mouse ever had as much fun as I did and I recommend Jasmine to guys who like wrestling with a very skilled and accomplished wrestler."
  • 6/08: "I had a fun session with Jasmine.  She looked good and was strong and very flexible and also had long legs.  She was able to get me in a lot of different holds (I'm not too big but I'm not skinny).  She also seemed very normal and pretty smart.  I don't care for intelligence in sessions but thought I should mention it.  Will try to see her again when I visit the east coast."
  • 7/08: "This is my first experience wrestling a female.  I already have had 3 comeptitve matches with Jasmine Flower.  I am 5'7", 200lbs of solid muscle.  I bench press well over 400 lbs and press 200lbs over my head, curl 150lbs.  In all 3 matches, Jasmine put me to shame.  It only took her seconds to make me tapout.  She was breaking my back and head and crushing my ribs.  I struggled to break free, but could'nt.  The harder I tried, the more aggressive she became.  I had trouble breathing and I was losing consciousness..  She made me beg for mercy.  She did'nt even break a sweat.  She released me and smiled in victory."
  • 7/08: "Jasmine is awesome. she was right on time and very nice.  As far as wrestling goes she was very strong and had me at her mercy plenty of times. she wasn't even trying and i was tapping out. I'm a big guy about 270 and she was just toying with me, and seemed to enjoy it. She was extremly generous with her time, and didn't watch the clock at all; I had to tell her when an hour was up, she didn't even remember when we started. I highly recommend jasmine flower, she is not a bodybuilder, but has a great body, is very attractive and fun to be with, is very strong, and will have you tapping in no time. her scissors are very very strong, and she will have u begging for mercy wants she slaps it on."
  • 10/08: "I had my second session with Jasmine.  Once again I trained hard for this match, lifting heavy weights and wrestling with guys twice my size.  Jasmine, who looked like a ballerina, quickly turned into a great white shark once she clamped her legs around me, she quickly made me tap out.  This went on for an hour.  Right before the session was over, she caught me in a front headscissor, sang me a lolliby, told me a bedtime story, then put me to sleep by intensifying her headscissor.  I lost consciousness, next thing I knew, it was 8:00 in the morning, I woke up and was late for work.  Jasmine was long gone."
  • 11/08: "Jasmine Flower, in my mind, approaches the female ideal. She is an extremely attractive girl, with a lovely body, and a most disarming and appealing combination of intelligence and femininity. Oh—and can she wrestle! My Lord! I am a 175 pound guy, considered to be in darn good shape, yet she had absolutely no trouble with me at all. Pin or submission, I was just not competitive with her; I lost every single time. The incongruity of this lovely 125 pound girl badly beating a 175 pound man in a wrestling match is frustrating yet intoxicating—at least it was to me—and resulted for me in a mild disbelief and a desire to just “try one more time!” . What impressed me the most though, in spite of her obvious talent, are her lack of ego, and her modesty. Her first concern was to be absolutely sure that I had a good time and that I got my money’s worth. And I certainly did—in spades. "
  • 12/08: "I had my third and painful "competitive" wrestling match with Jasmine.  I feel like my ribs, neck, and back are broken, not to mention a torn bicep.  All this damage was done by her using only her legs.  She made me tapout every two seconds.  All I can say is she is one dynamite chick, super quick, very slick and full of tricks.  She's a lethal weapon from head to toe. Jasmine can defeat any man, which is why I call her the bionic woman.  Any guy in her weight class would be in big trouble. "
  • 1/09: "I just had a session with Jasmine and it was just awesome! Jasmine has everything you want from a session wrestler. She is athletic, energic, aggressive, and she has a killer sexy body! I consider myself a decent in shape guy and I was able to hold my own for like the first ten mintues. After that she had squeezed the life out of me with her relentless legs of steel. After that she was able to choke me to dead (almost literary). She is very knowledgable with holds. She put me in holds I never even heard of, but they had me tapping the flooring faster than I could say the name of the hold. She is relatively new to being a session wrestler but acts like a pro, because she told me she has been training marital arts almost her whole life. I would strongly recommend her,"
  • 1/09: "So you would figure a match between a former linebacker and a ballerina would be more competitive than it was. We went first to 10 falls, and Jasmine kicked my ass 10-0 in 15 minutes or so. Everytime I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around me and crushed my body. When I tried to take her down, she caught my neck in her scissors. I then tried to grab her neck and head a couple times, which she effortlessly blocked and knocked me to the ground each time. I never felt so helpless in my life."
  • 6/09: "I am normally into bodybuilders, she isn't one.  Still, she's a sick wrestler.  So, basically, we went at it, since I wanted competitive, since I never had competitive, and from the first movement, she got her arms around my neck, swept the leg and had me tapping pretty quickly.  There was going to be a lot of that going on.  I tried to do a fireman's carry, which I did get her into, but she somehow slipped around, wrapped her legs around my midsection and her arms around my one arm and applied the submission.  We wrestled a lot, and I submitted every time. I am a big guy, about 315, but she had no problems making me submit time after time, after time.  She was very easy to talk to, and was not a clockwatcher.  I told her by the end that she pretty much dispelled any notion I had of a smaller woman able to kick a much larger man's ass."


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