Golden Katt

Stats: 5-8 165 pounds, 
Location: Los Angeles
Specialities: non-competitive /fantasy wrestling matches (no sex)

Contact Info
Additional Information
Five foot eitht, 165 pound blonde bombshell, The Golden Katt available for wrestling matches.
Katt has been a Professional Television Wrestler for many years & is known for her devastating leg scissor hold that has caused many a man to beg for mercy!!   Katt is only aailable for non-competitive/fantasy wrestling matches (no sex)  To get in touch with her pleaseemail at

  • Bill Wick Says: " I've wrestled the Golden Katt many times over the years and I can report to you that she can squeeze the life out of you if you don't beg for mercy. She is a Dancer.........long legs,creamy skin and hidden crushing power.
            Think of her legs as Pythons because when they wrap around your head or neck that is what it feels'll be shocked, dumbfounded, how can this be happening, they don't look this strong, I can't breathe, can't move, can't get this point sissy boys tap out.....REAL MEN PASS OUT.
            You'll love it,......she smiles, talks softly and will not hurt you past what you can handle. she is smooth, strong, fun, not a clock watcher and if you treat her as she treats you....with will see her more than once.
             Best to be clean smelling, on time and wrestle slowly so you don't knock heads. Now IF you are tough enough just let her wrap her Pythons around you ....THEN....try to get loose.... that's the real challenge.
             Her Thighs and Butt muscles are grinders that slowly squeeze the blood out of your head or the breath out of your lungs (unless you look like 300 lbs. of chewed bubble gum) and she can't get wrapped around your.... barrel belly. If that is the case.....God help you...cause all that is left is your Chicken neck  and bendable  head.
             She enjoys squeezing you more than you enjoy getting squeezed. If you are not there to RECEIVE a compression, check well then you better just.......STAY HOME.
           If you want to try and attack her and WIN a wrestling match, then find a guy to wrestle, not a beautiful woman geez.... what are YOU thinking.....pick on somebody your own size or E-Mail me or look at my gang of squeezers and we'll pick out one who WILL give you an ass kicking .
           If you know what's good for you, E- Mail Golden Katt and get those long dancer legs around you and have a playful roll around for about an'll like her ..... a good squeezing clears the mind, you know?"

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