Britta Inga Olsen

Stats: 5-8 145 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, biceps: 13", calves: 17", thighs:24"  waist: 30", bust: 36" 
Location: New York City - places to wrestle in midtown Manhattan,  Westbury Long Island, and Westchester/White Plains, NY
Facebook: wrestler Britta Olsen
Specialities:  wrestling (fantasy, semi-competitive, competitive & domination) 
Additional Information
Inga is an experienced wrestler who has made many videos.

"Dear WB 270 Friend's, this are my current Pictures to the date, 'm  now  weight lifting 7 month going on 8 month  and be in a Pro Wrestling Show on TV in December, 21, live, I'm not out off Shape and here is the proof the claims are false, offer Skype if  there is any doubt :) Love Britta  Olsen"

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