Ava Simone


Stats: 5-8 150 pounds, 36-27-38 biceps: 14 in, Thigh: 24 in, calf: 16.5 in, shoe size 8.5, bench: 165 lb, back squat: 305 lb, conventionsl deadlift: 325 lb, sumo deadlift: 360 lb, I lift heavy 3x per week, box and kickbox 2x per week, take jiu jitsu 2-3x per week and am physically active every day.
Location: Hartford, CT
E-mail:  avasimone001@gmail.com
semi-competative wrestling, arm wrestling, fantasy wrestling and boxing, lift and carry, belly punching

Additional Information
I am about to celebrate my 1st full year as a session wrestler and am constantly evolving as I quickly gain experience. I am a ju jitsu, kickboxing, and boxing newbie and am  falling deeply for this community of contact sport. Down the rabbit hole I go! To me, this wrestling business is first and foremost about FUN! It's also about trust, safety, energy exchange, sweaty physicality, and mutual respect. I love to laugh, play, and hand out whoopins while also simultaneously keeping your boundaries and mine in the forefront of my mind. As a naturally dominant woman, I LOVE to guide my partners and explore secret curiosities. I absolutely consider the space that we share together as sacred regardless of how we play.  This whole thing is infinitely deeper than "just" wrestling.

I have recently filmed with Scissorfoxes.com,  AbsoluteMixedWrestling.com, and Utopia Entertainment.

Discounted rate for longer sessions. I do require a deposit paid via PayPal prior to finalizing the booking while traveling as a necessary precaution. However, I  am more than happy to accept references in place of a deposit, should you have them.

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