Arekah Lox


Stats: 5-11, 195 pounds, 40F-32-42,  born: 1981, foot size 11.
Location: Los Angeles, also check traveling dates
Specialities:  Wrestling (semi-competitive and fantasy, or pin versus submission), domination, fantasy role-play, lift and carry, foot/leg/muscle/body worship, massage (receiving), lap sitting, belly punching, tickling and teasing, face slapping, ball busting, and scissors sessions.

Additional Information
At an incredible 6'6 in my heels, I will lock, twist, tweak, conquer and subdue you into submission. I will tower over you and crush you until you are begging for mercy. I am incredibly strong, a one-of-a-kind combination of beauty and muscular genetics that have made me into an utterly unique session experience. My stellar reviews speak for themselves. Think this is all just talk? I can assure that, unlike many, that is not the case. Try me, and you will never be the same again.

After eight years of sessions, my reputation is second to none in this industry. Not only do I possess devastating physical strength, with legs that can effortlessly crush your ribs into powder and a handgrip strength that has even the largest men calling for their mommas, but I am famous for the sheer force of my genuinely dominating persona. I am a connoisseur of intimidation and from the very moment that you step into the room with me, you will know - without doubt - that you are my prey and I own you. I know exactly what you like and how to push your buttons to take you to 'that place' in your head. I will truly make you feel like the little bitch that you genuinely are when you enter my presence. Roleplays are no problem for me - I genuinely enjoy them - and this is just one of the reasons that I am world renowned for being one of the very best, if not THE best session providers on the planet. Tell me your fantasy, and I will make it a reality.

I am a highly skilled grappler. Combine that with my sadistic sensuality and raw power and you are putty in my hands. Want a softer, less intense session? That isn't a problem. I'll sit you on my big lap and take care of you. Muscle worship? Fantasy wrestling? I can assure you that I'm more than capable of exploring your darkest personal fetish and I cannot wait to get my tall, muscular body wrapped around you while I push you to the edges of your physical limits. I do not perform any sex acts whatsoever, but outside of that the playground is open. Your safety is absolutely my priority, as is my own, but within that I do of course take great pleasure in turning grown men into weak, helpless babies.

My world-class reputation is very well earned - read my reviews below - and I do not disappoint. Tell me your fantasy, and book a visceral, mind-blowing experience that is less a session and more a force of nature.

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