General Information About the List

18 March 1997

The initial version of this list was created primarily by gathering information from published sources, that is periodicals that carry ads for female wrestlers. Some entries are based on postal mailings I have received or meetings with the women. The list has now been greatly extended and modified as a result of e-mail comment and contacts I've received as a result of distributing the initial version of the list. Note that this list is completely free. There is no charge to be listed, and I ask nothing for the list, except whatever new information you can give me.

I primarily list women for whom I believe I have a direct phone number, e-mail address or postal address. However I do include some women accessible through clubs & agencies, if I have specific information about them, that adds to the information otherwise available from on the club or agency home page. I have recently revised the list to include these women available through clubs and agencies by location, with the rest of the women, rather than separately. Most of the women on the list will do competitive wrestling with men, although some are probably more into submissive or exotic wrestling. A few of the women will box, kick box or do Karate or some other martial art. Many are body builders who will pose, and some are dominatrixes. I have only wrestled few of the women on the list myself. As far as I know, the contact information listed is current, but, inevitably, in some cases it may not be either current or correct. I welcome corrections, comments or updated information. 

There is no charge to be listed on the list, nor is there a charge to use the list. I ask only that users of the list give me whatever additional information they can.

The first item in the Information part of each entry is usually a quote from an ad or notice run by the wrestler, or from a direct communication I have had with the wrestler. Other comments in quotes are from other sources, such as other ads, or email inputs I have received. My own comments are not enclosed in quotes (for example I may note that the women is a well known body builder). I enclose my comments on women I have personally wrestled in double asterisks (i.e., **comment**). 

I have been trying to update the list more or less immediately as I receive new information. But it has been hard for readers to find the changes. Therefore, I have started marking new material in the listings in red text. Initially, I've gone through and tried to mark everything new in the past two or three weeks in red. I plan to change the red to black after it's a month or so old. Bear with me, this won't be a precise process, but it should help you to find the updates more quickly.

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