15 July 2006

On Session Fees

I have recently received another e-mail on the high cost of  wrestling session fees.  So I’ve decided to update my discussion of this subject: 

I don’t feel that there is, or conceptually can be any moral implication to session fees, however high they are, although the author of the third and forth links above seem to thiink that high fes may be a moral issue.  Wrestling sessions are not a necessity and any price agreed to between a man and a woman for a session, whatever it entails, is OK by me.  But I do wonder why men often pay so much for what is, in some cases so little, although times are pretty good right now, which means that prices of some things, particularly luxuries, are rising..  One answer may be, that what seems so little to me, may be a big thing to others.  Another reason may be that guys with lots of money, or with a powerful obsession, tend to set the prices.  I can’t tell men what is reasonable for them, but I do wonder sometimes about the willingness of so many men to pay so much. 

Times are pretty good right now,  unemployment is very low and business is generally profitable, wages have been held in check, largely I think by outsourcing much labor and by immigration.  The dollar is low, helping exports.  The days when unions could extract big contracts from auto compaines or steel companies, who could turn around and pass those costs on by hiking their prices, are long gone, done in by global competition.  General Motors is in an apparent death spiral, the residue of a half century of improvident labor contracts and a resulting peinsion system whose costs GM cannot bear in a mor ecompetitive world.  

So nearly everybody is working, and many of us are making very good money.  competition is holding the prices of most goods and services, except for oil, down.  But luxury goods, including sessions, seem to be going up.  One thing seems certain to me: if men are willing to pay high prices for sessions, women are going to charge high prices, and I can't blame them, I would do the same, and so would nearly anyone.

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