Stats: 166 cm (5-5) 62 kg (136 pounds), born 1993
Location: Budapest
judo, BJJ, grappling, wrestling

Additional Information

If you searching for a professional skilled girl, that’s me! The fact that I meet you with kindness and a friendly smile does not take away my professionalism or athleticism.

What I do is light - enjoyable - or competitive wrestling. As for competitive wrestling it includes full power control which includes scissor session, and technical training as well which includes teaching my clients of some techniques that they can use them later. If you are interested I can show and practice on you the KO chokes for few times taking into consideration your safety. I will explain in details to you what to expect from the KO choke and teach you how to do it yourself.

I can also lift and carry you (80 kilos max) and also throw you. Being a trained expert I do this with zero risk to you from injury; all you need to do is enjoy the experience of “flying-over“!

 I am also available for domination training (where I dominate you with my strength and  wrestling techniques only !). I also do armwrestling for fun!

this is strictly professional and DOES’NT INCLUDE ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITIES!

I dress up the following way: sport outfit, sport bra , short ,leggings, gi. Not topless !

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