Sara Lips


Stats: 5-6 (168 cm), 156 pounds, born: 1989, I have dangerously strong legs!
Location:  Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Specialties Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Fantasy Boxing, Arm Wrestling, Pillow Fights, Tickle Wrestling, Smothering, Face-sitting, Ball Busting, Scissoring, Foot Worship, Trampling, Muscle Worship, Posing, Feats of Strength, Lift & Carry (depending on weight), Belly Punching, Face Slapping, Choke Holds, Custom Videos and Photo Work

Additional Information
Hi, I'm Sara Lips. I'm here to prove to you, that beautiful women can too be extremely powerful! My cute face may fool you, however, I have an evil alter ego "Princess Pain" who likes to come out to play...She's a wrestling dominatrix who loves to overpower men with her strength and show off her sexy physique as well as always being up for a bit of competition.

"Princess Pain" loves to kick guys asses and have them crying like little bitches. She's a real show off too and loves to show her strength gained over the years on the mats. Beware of her legs, as she loves to lock guy's heads helplessly between her thighs and squeeze them to death. Another favorite is to smother people until their lungs run out of air to breathe. It's a slow, precise and malicious act. The real Sara is actually quite sweet, shy and submissive in real life!

 If this sounds like something that would interest you, contact me with as much detail as possible in regards to the ideal session you would like and when.          

More info can be found on my website along with my blog and video clips.

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Sara's pictures look good; a beauty with muscle. But, as others note, in person she is bigger, more beautiful and looks stronger than in her pics. Not an exotic beauty, but the girl next door of your dreams. Sara is intelligent, fun, sugar and spice, who playfully overpowered, teased and dominated me, not so much with technique as strength and athleticism. -wb
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