Rada Gold

Stats: 165 cm (5-5) 70 kg (154 pounds), born: 1985, biceps: 35 cm (14 in.), thigh: 63 cm (25 in)
Location: Grodno, Belarus
E-mail:  zoloto.rada@mail.ru New email direct to Rada; old e-mail is controlled by her former manager
Specialties: Fantasy Wrestling, Competitive/Semi Wrestling, Scissors, Teasing, Face Sitting, Smothering, Choke out, Muscle Worship, Domination, Role Play, Spanking, Foot Worship, Any fetishes, Belly Punching, Trampling, Catfighting, Lifting, Ballbasting, Battering, Slapping, Trampling, Games with nipples, Arm wrestling, Boxing, Bondage, Sensory deprivation, Pony-games, Beatdowns, One-sided boxing - kickboxing, Fetish wear, Movies according to your scenario

Additional Information

Dominatrix and wrestler!

I am a professional dominatrix, a very skilled wrestler from Belarus and world traveler.

I am Rada Gold from Belarus, a very strong, skilled wrestler.  I have been training for different kinds of martial arts since I was young and still keep going for further hard training. For the first session you will see the soft side of me, my smile will grab your heart and control your mind, but as soon as you step on the mat you will see my dark side and you are going to feel the absolute pain in your body and soul. I guarantee you that you are going to beg me to stop, my headscissors are unbreakable and tough; if you don't make a fast decision and tap I'm going to make you cry and put you to sleep in seconds. My body scissors are dangerous and I could break your ribs if I want to.
Remember that I am your boss, your mistress and all you can do is to kiss my feet and feel thankful.

Looking forward to seeing you for a session!

No time wasters please.

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