Stats: 5-8 76 kg, born: 1982
Location: West Midlands ( Worcester) - venues around the West Midlands
E-mail:  wildthoughts82@gmail.com
domination wrestling, Bondage & Discipline and foot worship
Additional Information
"I am in no way any type of professional wrestler, I was just forced by my brother as a child to Ďplayí WWE wrestling with him. However I have been urged and spurred on by the guy I wrestled with (who does this semi-pro) to make a profile. He provided some really good and positive feedback from our match, which I donít think he would mind me sharing if required.

 I am quite naturally dominant and can be very competitive too, that being said Iím not prepared to undertake any matches that I donít feel safe to do so. I do NOT like being held around the throat and do not wish to be beaten up viciously by anyone either. As a Pro-domme my favourite sessions are facesitting, smothering and ass worship, sometimes this can be quite rough and vigorous; depending on my clients requests. I have participated in hard tickling, trampling and squeezing guys around the neck with my thighs in a Ďscissorí type hold.

I now have access to this amazing space to hire for my bookings within the West Midlands. Includes:

For bookings using this space, upfront deposit is required for cost of the hire and at least 2hours notice for booking slots.

I can still hold more private and intimate fantasy sessions at my private place
in Worcester if preferred"

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