Mara Buran


Stats: 173 cm (5-8) 70 kg (154 lb), biceps: 33 cm (13 in)
Location: Moscow
Competitive Wrestling, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Pin Wrestling, Grappling, Armwrestling, Scissoring, Feats of Strength, Lift and Carry, Posing, Belly Punching
Additional Information
In my life I have been engaged in cross-country skiing, shaping, skiing, snowboarding, long-distance hurdling, but the most important thing since 1998 I go to the gym and do with iron. And since 2016, I began to professionally engage in crossfit and compete. And since 2018, I have been engaged in the same struggle, grappling. My biceps are 33 centimeters in volume. Due to the fact that I do crossfit, I am very hardy and strong. I suggest you try it yourself. Recently, I often meet in Moscow with men for mixed wrestling, I noticed that those men who are up to 85-90 kg almost always lose to me. And they say that I am very strong.

Do not forget, my name is Mara Buran - Buran in Russian means a strong gale with snow. who will blow away everything in his path, just as I will destroy everyone who challenges me.

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