Amazon Lucinda

Stats: 6-2 ,230 pounds, (16 stone 2)
Location: Midlands (Shropshire)- frequent visitor to London and Dublin
Specialities: fantasy and non competitive wrestling, holds, pins, leg scissors, belly punching, arm wrestling, role play, domination, lift and carry, smothers, face sitting

Contact Info
Phone: 07778504998

Additional Information
"I am first and foremost a dominant woman and a professional Mistress although recently have come into wrestling after repeated suggestions from my clients who were impressed with my natural strength. I visited the well known Pippa L'Vinn at her Manchester wrestling studio where I received some training and developed my skills from there. My current premises is primarily a dungeon with a hard floor suitable only for pins, holds etc. Anyone wanting more full on wrestling would have to see me either at a hotel or a wrestling studio..

Although based in Shropshire I do offer outcalls throughout Europe and regularly visit Dublin and London in paticular."
  • 5/09: "I recently had a session with Amazon Lucinda and had asked her to incorporate some wrestling moves into it. I'm 5'8" to her 6'2" (much bigger and even more intimidating in heels!). She got me into some headlocks while we were still standing. She towered over me and easily pulled me up and tossed me around, my neck gripped in her thick and strong arms. Later she pinned me with her weight. No way could I move her 230 solid pounds! Then came the headscissors, firsly to the sides of my neck. The pressure and pain were tremendous. I was taken by surprise. I couldn't actually speak, had to tap out. Then she applied her muscular thighs to my throat. I was in masochist's heaven!
    She can be brutal, if that's what you want and she judges you can take it. She's so strong and physically intimidating. But she's also got a great personality - makes you feel like you're in caring and safe hands. And she's much more attractive than the photo here. Have a look at her website.
    And if you decide to session with her be careful what you ask for. You'll get it! She clearly enjoys her vocation"




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