Stats:6-0, 182 pounds 
Location: London; days, evenings and weekends. Location is East London with a matted room (10 mins from the City ).
Specialities: semi competitive, fantasy, domination, role play

Contact Info
Mobile: 07961 840 905
E-Mail: kassidy_777@yahoo.co.uk

Additional Information
Kassidy says: "I am a black amazon woman with killer legs which are trained from pole dancing. I will make you submit with my body or head scissors! I like a bit of rough and tumble and have taken part in tournaments with FEMWIN fighting other women. I also have mixed wrestling experience . So if you want to take me on, email me or give me a call. I can't wait to wrap my legs around you!"

Bill Johnson of Femwin says: "Kassidy has done some matches versus men and women for us and we can't speak highly enough about her! She's gorgeous with incredibly long and strong legs but it's not just her physical appearance, she's also got a very likeable personality. We imagine that she'll be one of the more popular session wrestlers. "

  • 11/05: "Kassisy is a good looking 6 footer. I am 6 feet 200lbs. with a background of sessions with Sonia Fernandez, Monica, Shelby and others.  I was not expecting too much from Kassisdy as she had just taken part in two tough matches against Shelby & Pippa. How wrong could I have been! It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable sessions I have had.  Kassidy is very strong with devastating scissors. The session overran and ended 3/10 to Kassidy with a succession of scissors, arm locks and grapevines.  She has a bubbly personality and is great fun to be with"
  • 11/06: "Kassidy paid great attention to give me what I asked for, particulary about the holds I wished to be applied to me.  She showed an impressive strength even if she controlled it perfectly (for exemple, not to let me pass out during a headscissor (I didn't want to)). Technically, she is really great and her scissors are very powerfull. I took great fun to 'live" the role-play and she did it very well. At the middle of the time, she improvised new holds I did not asked for, just to have more fun. I really suffered but never more than I wanted to. She has strength enough to beat any man. "
  • 3/07: "Kassidy looked just as I imagined and true to her pictures and description.  She's very strong, capable and skilled, and competently performed the roleplay and action I wanted.  She was very nice and accomodating, but easily changed her personality and demeanor for the session.  She easily got into character and understood what I wanted, and was also fully prepared with her outfit as well.  Her long legs are awesomely sexy, powerful and a formidible force that she uses well.  She's a very competent boxer, wrestler, fighter and roleplayer who I highly recommend!"
  • 3/07: "I wasn't quite sure what to expect but from the moment she greeted me at the door til the time I left she did everything possible to make my session experience everything I hoped for .....and more.  Geez, this girl is quite a beauty and her personality and attitude is tops. I was really surprised by her skill on the mats and fortunately for me she was more than willing to wrestle down to my level. We basically did a semi-comp session but as I lost fall after fall I started trying harder but to no avail. Kassidy easily controlled and then tapped me with a variety of holds. We finished up in a fantasy mode with an emphasis on scissor holds. Kassidy squeezed the hell out of me using a combination of straight scissor holds, figure fours and triangle chokes that had me gasping and in awe of  her long, beautiful legs."
  • 1/08: "I surprised her and myself by taking the first point off her with a pin but it was downhill from then on. At the end she challenged me to take her on one-handed -she only used her right arm - and she quickly dispatched me again. I then challenged her to take me on without using her legs -this time I won but it wasn't easy.  For the record, I work out regularly, have a significant weight advantage over her and more upper body strength than she has, so she wins through her greater skills and the huge strength in her legs."
  • 5/09: "Kassidy just looked amazing ... her long legs and her well trained body are just great and sexy as hell.  We decided to armwrestle at the beginning and the end of the session. I won all 4 matches (2 left and 2 right) but I had to give 100%. She is surprisingly strong in the upper body. Then we started wrestling and she got me by surprise right at the beginning and so she won the first two falls with deadly headlocks in less then 5 minutes. But I learned quickly how to fight her better and so the fight was more equal. We were both 1m83 but i was around 20gk heavier than her. She compensated for this with her speed and technique, but I am quite sure she had to give 100% to beat me at the end. I'm not 100% sure, but I think she won 7:4 or so after 50min of wrestling. We used 10 minutes for a great scissor session were she showed me her awesome legpower in different scissorholds. I could survive nearly all her bodyscissors but had no chance in her headscisssors. they were just amazing.  I have to thank Kassidy for this awesome wrestling session!  She is really a fun person with a great personality."


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