Beatrice Goffin

Stats: 165 cm (5' -5") 61.4 kg (135 pounds) 
Location: Belgium
Specialities: competitive wrestling
Contact Info
Phone: + 32 (0)84 22 33 56
Snail-Mail: 178 Avenue de Ninove, 5580 Jemelle. Belgium 
Additional Information
Very well known woman with many videos.   A very experienced, skilled competitive submission wrestler, who routinely defeats much larger opponents. 
  • E-mail 5/96: "is one of the pioneers in free style women wrestling. Beatrice won the European championship in wrestling in 1983 and came second in the world championship tournament in 1986 ... In subsequent years, Beatrice began to enjoy submission and mixed wrestling ... She generally wrestles topless, against either women or men ... She regularly pins and dominates men who weigh up to 180 lbs. Beatrice makes the other wrestler, woman or man submit. I did not have a chance as she is very strong and skilled with many years of experience. ... It is because she is turned on by dominating via wrestling that Beatrice is so much fun to wrestle." 

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