Anna Mikhaylenko


Stats: 5-3 (159 cm), 205 pounds (93 kg), biceps: 18 in. (46 cm), lats: 49.6 in (126 cm), leggs 29 in. (73 cm) deadlift 305 kg (671 lb.),  Military press: 145 kg (319 lb.), bodybuilder and arm wrestler.  Speaks Russian
Location: Ukraine
Languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian and German
Specialities: L&C, wrestling, domination, acting, role playing, posing, flexing, muscle worship, dancing, singing - no sex, no nudity

Additional Information

Anna is a Ukranian national who speaks Russian and English, and a serious lifter ("I lift real huge weights.") and arm wrestler. She is an actress and one of the biggest FBBs in the world, very strong, charismatic, and beautiful with a sweet personality. 

"Now about 200 pounds and unbelievably strong and pretty" Ready to give you all unforgettable emotions on sessions."

"Looking for an agent for acting business" Work for a percentage, which we will discuss in private e mails."

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