WB270 Policy On Deposits

I hate the whole subject of deposits for sessions and I would rather not deal with it at all.  Very little occasions as much annoyance for me as deposits.   But for many women, particularly women who travel deposits seem to be a practical necessity, and, whether they are necessary or not, there are some women who are popular enough to demand deposits to book any session.  They do this for sessions where they travel and incur expenses up front, and they may also do it for sessions done locally to hold a specific appointment.  Nearly all women complain of money and time lost through guys who make session appointments and never show up.

Recently (summer of 2018) there has been a comparative flood of new registrations on wb270 and some of these registrations have been a part of a fraud scheme to collect deposits from prospective clients then run off with the deposit.  I have changed my registration policies to make this harder to do, but the process is far from ironclad.  Be very cautious about sending deposits to newly added women.   Let me know (wb270@yahoo.com) if a new woman on the list seems to be suspicious, or seems only intent on collecting deposits. 

WB270 does not warrant that, if you pay a deposit for a session and the woman fails to fulfill her obligations, that you will be made whole, WB270  just does not guarantee anything about what you will get for your deposit.

WB270 will remove a women from the website, even one who has been on the site for years,  if you can convince me, by a strong preponderance of the evidence, that a woman made a commitment to do a session with you at an agreed to time and place in return for a deposit (the rest of the fee to be paid at the time of the session), and she then failed to meet this commitment and also refuses to refund the deposit.  That is the most we will do, and about the only thing we will do. Moreover, we will do that only after asking the woman for her side of the story and after considering it as well.  In a "he said, she said" situation the burden of proof will be upon the client who claims that he met all the conditions of the agreement, and that she did not.  WB270 is not in a position to do police like investigations, so it's up to you to document a compelling case.  And don't expect to make a case that you couldn't show up because your father died and you had to go to the funeral, so a reasonable woman would refund the deposit.  It may be that a reasonable woman would, but that probably wasn't covered in the agreement.

There undoubtedly are risks to advancing deposits against sessions, and outright, intentional fraud does occur.  Some fraudsters have succeeded in registering a fictitious session wrestler on WB270.com, and then asked for deposits to schedule sessions with the intent of stealing the deposit.  When I realize that this has happened I remove the registrant.  I have strengthened the registration process to make this harder to do but the new process falls well short of ironclad; as a practical matter I can't duplicate what financial institutions do to identify new clients, run credit checks, or demand identity documentation.  So please do tell me if something like that happens to you, so I can identify & get them off of the site.  And be doubly cautious about advancing deposits to recent wb270 additions. 

Moreover, think of a session provider as a small business person.  Small businesses go bankrupt and can't pay their debts all the time.   Some session providers are not well organized people and may be living almost from hand to mouth.  They have all the cash flow problems of any business.  Lighting, illness and accidents do strike.  If you advance a deposit to a contractor to make an improvement to your house, and he goes broke in the middle of the job, you may wind up loosing your deposit there too.  But, before you stand on your rights and ask me to remove a woman in these situations, consider that she may be able to repay you or otherwise make you whole if you give her some time, while removing her from wb270 may make you feel better, it probably reduces whatever chance there is that she will be able to repay you.

But many women need deposits to travel (and wind up spending the deposits before they travel, to do things like pay for hotel reservations and travel).  Women also have problems with no-shows, who cost them money.  By and large I believe that session providers are more sinned against than sinners, when it come to no-shows.

So my advice is to be cautious about making session deposits, it is safest with well established session providers,  or women you know well already.  Don't make a bigger deposit than you can comfortably afford to walk away from and chalk up to experience.  Be doubly cautious with newly added session providers. 

Caveat Emptor. 

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