20 July 2005

Scam Artist in Chicago


July 2005 - this guy is apparently still active. Using the name/e-mail "Dan Bonner"/dan987@yahoo.com and a check under the name Daniel R. Bonaguidi, and the phone number 847.678.6900.

Note the Scammer has also been active in Milwaukee


From Kasie Cavenaugh:

"To all my fellow wrestlers,

Just to let you know of a recent session scam I had.

In Chicago A man Named Jason Waller ( not real though) 30 years old, 6', 200lb, wanted semi comp/ fun wrestling session uses the telephone # 847-452-7691

Came to his scheduled appt., though when got there said didn't have time to stop by the ATM, so all he had was $50.00 cash and he would Western Union me the rest. He would give me 50.00 up front as a tip and western union the 300.00. So he called Western Union right in front of me and did the transaction. He gave them his name, credit card info, my name, which city to route it to and his phone number. He hung up and said we can call back in 5 minutes to make sure the transaction went through. After 5 minutes we called back and I listened to the message after he punched in his number and it said that the funds were available.

So we did the match.

Returned home to San Diego the next day and went to pick up my funds, to no surprise they were not there. I was connected to the fraud dept. at Western Union, they informed me that the control # he gave me didn't exist. There was nothing under my name for pick up. And when you punched in his phone number it did say funds were available, it was from a transaction he did a month prior under the same telephone number, but different name. Just letting you all know, and to be aware of him in the Chicago area.

Spread the word to the girls.

Kasie Cavanaugh"

From Stormee Knights:

I was ripped off in Chicago during one of my summer tours.

I have recently learned that 4 other wrestlers, including Gia and Kasie Cavanaugh, have been ripped off by the same guy. He is going by the name of Tim Brecker or Jason Waller. His cell phone is 847-452-7691, and the only email I have for him is timbrecker@yahoo.com.

All wrestlers who come in contact with this guy beware! He says he doesn't have enough money, and he will send it to you via Western Union. He calls it in right in front of you and gives you the transaction number. He then calls a number, punches in a few digits, and allows to hear that the transfer went through. There is not a transfer though!

I have since posted this on my websites BB, and he has responded quite a few times. In his latest posting, he claims to be responsible and he will continue to do as such.

So to all wrestlers going to Chicago, beware!


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