23 January 1998
On Bias in the List

I have been taken to task by various readers for what they believe is unfair treatment in favor of or against various women.  I make no particular claim of impartiality.

I know some of the women on the list better than others, and like some better than others.  It costs me money in charges to my ISP to add material about any of the women.  It's a fair inference, in many cases, that I think I know something about the women who get a lot of space, or a favorable description on the list, and, for whatever reason, I like them.  That doesn't necessarily mean that I've met them in person; I also get a great deal of e-mail from women who wrestle, and chat with some of them on-line or on the phone.  It is not a safe inference that I think that there is anything wrong with girls who get a brief listing - it normally just means that I know relatively little about them.

Some women apparently get a fair amount of their business from the list, and pay some attention to getting me to list them as favorably as possible.  The extent to which they succeed undoubtedly has as much to do with how artfully they go about it, as with the justice of their cause.  If you're on the list, and want me to change something about your listing, feel free to tell me.

While I will not include anybody against their wish (if you are on the list and want off please tell me), I reserve the right to decline to list, or to drop from the list, any woman, for any reason I choose.  Nor do I feel that I have to explain such choices.

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