Mistress Amrita


Stats: 65cm (5-6)
Location: London
E-mail: amritajapan@hotmail.com
Specialities: fantasy/domination wrestling, powerful head scissors holds, one side/domination boxing, BDSM/fetish fantasy
Additional Information
I am 165cm (5'6) tall, slim and fit, strong and tight muscle (especially legs).
Not a body building big muscle type, but sexy Asian fitness type.
I know many wrestling moves and my head scissors holds are very effective.
I was a professional Cat Fighter in Japan, appeared in many TV programs, shows, magazines etc.
I am an experienced pro-dom and rope bondage specialist as well, so if you wish I can combine those in wrestling session.
I speak fluent English, and some French.
I have my clips4sale shop for wrestling fantasy clips and BDSM domination clips. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/38440


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