Mistress Talisin


Mistress TalisinStats: 6-0 175 pounds solid, 44dd, American Indian 
Location: Fayetteville, NC; willing to travel on requet to anywhere in North or South Carolina, Richmond, Boston, Sagus, MA or Gainsville, GA
e-mail: nightstarsbooks@aol.com
Phone: 910-864-2250
Specialities: Submission Style Wrestling, Semi-Competitive, Light/Fantasy, Scissors Session, Sensual Style Matches, Pro-Style Wrestling, Well Versed in Domination/BSDM, Ballbusting, Trampling, Beatdowns, Boxing both Semi-Competitive and Fantasy

Additional Information

Talisin is a black belt in Taekwondo and also trains in Wuh Lum (Kung Fu Mantis Fist). She also has experience in the Pro Wrestling Circuit. She has some submission grappling training & is in the process of pursuing further training in ground submission martial arts. In addition, Talisin is an experienced Dominatrix. She is open for any type of fantasy work and truly enjoys defeating men. She has done some video work and is looking forward to obtaining a WWE contract. Talisin says "Thank you for the generous recognition and I hope to see you and others very soon" Talisin has a comic book coming out soon.

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